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Big Friendship

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Big Friendship

How We Keep Each Other Close

A close friendship is one of the most influential and important relationships a human life can contain. Anyone will tell you that! But for all the rosy sentiments surrounding friendship, most people don’t talk much about what it really takes to stay close for the long haul.


Now two friends, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, tell the story of their equally messy and life-affirming Big Friendship in this honest and hilarious book that chronicles their first decade in one another’s lives. As the hosts of the hit podcast Call Your Girlfriend, they’ve become known for frank and intimate conversations. In this book, they bring that energy to their own friendshipits joys and its pitfalls.

Aminatou and Ann define Big Friendship as a strong, significant bond that transcends life phases, geographical locations, and emotional shifts. And they should know: the two have had moments of charmed bliss and deep frustration, of profound connection and gut-wrenching alienation. They have weathered life-threatening health scares, getting fired from their dream jobs, and one unfortunate Thanksgiving dinner eaten in a car in a parking lot in Rancho Cucamonga. Through interviews with friends and experts, they have come to understand that their struggles are not unique. And that the most important part of a Big Friendship is making the decision to invest in one another again and again.

An inspiring and entertaining testament to the power of society’s most underappreciated relationship, Big Friendship will invite you to think about how your own bonds are formed, challenged, and preserved. It is a call to value your friendships in all of their complexity. Actively choose them. And, sometimes, fight for them. app and screens

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“Deeply compelling… This is the kind of book that makes you want to reach out to your best, biggest friends to say thank you, thank you, thank you for walking in this world with me. As with your big friendships, this unforgettable book is one you will want to keep close.”

Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist and Hunger

“Here, friendship gets the emotional and intellectual respect it deserves; and like any truly great love story, Ann’s and Aminatou’s is a page turner. I love this book. ”

Rebecca Traister, New York Times bestselling author of Good and Mad

“In this openhearted book, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman show us how a friendship can be as rewarding and enduring as a marriage, and they urge us to value it accordingly—as they clearly do. An inspiration.”

Ariel Levy, New York Times bestselling author of The Rules Do Not Apply

About the author

Aminatou Sow is a writer, interviewer, and cultural commentator who facilitates conversations around the most important issues of our time. She cohosts the popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend with her friend, Ann Friedman. She is a frequent public speaker whose talks and interviews lead to candid conversations about female ambition, money, and power. In 2014, Aminatou was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Tech. She is also the cofounder of Tech LadyMafia, an organization created to increase the visibility of women working in technology. Aminatou lives in Brooklyn. Visit her at or on social media @Aminatou.

Ann Friedman is a journalist, essayist, and media entrepreneur who loves talking to strangers and finding new ways to explain the world. She cohosts the popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend with her friend, Aminatou Sow. Her writing and reporting have appeared in New York magazine, the Los Angeles Times, The Gentlewoman, California Sunday, The New York Times, Elle, and The Guardian. Ann is a public speaker and consultant on the creative process and the future of media. Every Friday, she sends an email newsletter, The Ann Friedman Weekly, which has been praised by Fast Company and Wired magazine. Ann lives in Los Angeles. Visit her at or on social media @AnnFriedman.


“A wonderful and intimate portrayal. A story is as universal as it is revolutionary.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

“Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are the patron saints of friendship.”


Big Friendship is an anatomy of the way one particular friendship works, but it is also an argument for taking all amicable relationships more seriously, for understanding them in the terms we usually reserve for romance (the authors share their “meet cute” and discuss the “spark” and “chemistry” between them), and for appreciating the sometimes difficult and time-consuming work it takes to maintain these friendships.”


“A deeply funny and immensely heartfelt look into what makes a friendship last despite time, distance, trials and major life changes.”


“A rich exploration of friendship...Having honed a relationship they compare to the one between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, [Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow] are well equipped to deliver honest and helpful advice to anyone struggling to maintain a healthy union over time and distance. A soul-searching reflection that delivers an emotional journey to amplify the self-help tips.”

Kirkus Reviews

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Shop early and gift big! Every purchase supports local bookstores. Make a difference