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Bestseller #1


The Legendborn Cycle

By Tracy Deonn
Narrated by: Joniece Abbott-Pratt
Length: 18 hours 54 minutes


“I listened to this audiobook almost entirely it one sitting. It was utterly enthralling.”

One More Page image Rosie, One More Page
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Bestseller #2

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Court of Thorns and Roses: Book #1

By Sarah J. Maas
Narrated by: Jennifer Ikeda
Length: 16 hours 7 minutes

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas comes a seductive, breathtaking book that blends romance, adventure, and faerie lore into an unforgettable read. When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a terrifying creature arrives to demand retribution. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she knows about only... Read more »

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Bestseller #3

Children of Blood and Bone

Legacy of Orisha: Book #1

By Tomi Adeyemi
Narrated by: Bahni Turpin
Length: 17 hours 44 minutes

Children of Blood and Bone

“Children of Blood & Bone, is a story told in a world where magic no longer exists. Years ago, this was not the case. Once, magic and the Gods were celebrated. Now, Diviners (those with Maji blood, but no magic) are treated poorly, and all the Maji have been killed. One of those including our main protagonist, Zélie’s, mother. Determined to find a way to bring back magic, Zélie, along with her brother Tzain, and Orïsha’s only princess, Amari (gone rogue), set out on a quest against all odds. Told from Zélie, Amari and Amari’s brother and crown prince, Inan’s viewpoints, Tomi Adeyemi weaves together a tale so beautifully and tragically relevant, it will leave you craving for answers and more.”

Vroman's Bookstore image Jen, Vroman's Bookstore
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Bestseller #4

The Cruel Prince

The Folk of the Air: Book #1

By Holly Black
Narrated by: Caitlin Kelly
Length: 12 hours 36 minutes

The Cruel Prince

“I ate this trilogy right up! And in return it destroyed me (in a good way!) If you're looking for a fun fantasy read to keep you up at night with plots and scheming, you've hit the jackpot. So much fun!”

Oblong Books image Lafe, Oblong Books
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Bestseller #5

A Court of Mist and Fury

Court of Thorns and Roses: Book #2

By Sarah J. Maas
Narrated by: Jennifer Ikeda
Length: 23 hours 16 minutes

Masterful storytelling from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas brings her sexy, action-packed series to new heights. Feyre has undergone more trials than one human woman can carry in her heart. Though she’s now been granted the powers and lifespan of the High Fae, she is haunted by her time Under the Mountain and the terrible... Read more »

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Bestseller #6


Seraphina Series

By Rachel Hartman
Narrated by: Mandy Williams & Justine Eyre
Length: 13 hours 13 minutes


“Seraphina is a young woman who is caught up in a conspiracy to destroy the peace between her kingdom & the dragons that share it. While working to discover the conspirators, Seraphina forms new friendships. She learns from her new friends & her family that love can come in different forms & shown in different ways. This charming original & beautifully written tale has a bittersweet ending which leaves you full of hope & anticipation for the future. Listen to that narrator! ”

The Bookloft image Julia, The Bookloft
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Bestseller #7

Any Way the Wind Blows

Simon Snow Trilogy: Book #3

By Rainbow Rowell
Narrated by: Euan Morton
Length: 15 hours 2 minutes

"Euan Morton returns to narrate the final installment in the Simon Snow series. Morton's exceptional talent shines as he modulates between European and American accents and seamlessly shifts tones to bring each distinct character to life...Full of intense passion, this conclusion should not be missed." -- AudioFile Magazine, Earphones Award...

Read more »

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Bestseller #8

A Wizard of Earthsea

Earthsea Cycle: Book #1

By Ursula K. Le Guin
Narrated by: Rob Inglis
Length: 7 hours 17 minutes

"The shapeless mass of darkness split apart. It sundered, and a pale spindle of light gleamed between his open arms. In the oval of light there moved a human shape: a tall woman . beautiful, and sorrowful, and full of fear."-from A Wizard of Earthsea A Wizard of Earthsea, first in a tetralogy that includes The Tombs of Atuan and The Farthest... Read more »

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Bestseller #9

Sorcery of Thorns

By Margaret Rogerson
Narrated by: Emily Ellet
Length: 14 hours 20 minutes

Sorcery of Thorns

“Amazing! I wonderful fantasy I loved every bit of. The narrator brought this story to life, and I was hypnotized the entire time. This story has some of my favorite elements in it. A strong, smart heroine? Check. A charming hero with demons and a chip on his shoulder? Check. An evil threatening the safety of the world? Check. Elizabeth is such an interesting character, she is determined and clever and she has approximately no quit in her. Despite all of the things that stand in her way, she never says die. When she is forced to choose between the person she has always been, and sacrificing all she knows about herself to help save a clueless, thankless world, she becomes someone new. Part of this is because of Nathaniel. He embodies everything she has learned to avoid and fear. But the world she lives in is bigger than the fears she has been taught. Nathaniel is mysterious and tortured. Elizabeth is everything he doesn't want to need, and he rebels against that. Their partnership progresses naturally, slowly and arduously as they wrestle with what is happening. By the end of the book they have complete confidence in each other and I reveled in every stage of their relationship. Give me the slow burn partnership that neither wants, but works so well. I'll love it every time. Margaret Rogerson is amazing and this book HAD me from the very beginning.”

Bright Side Bookshop image Sam, Bright Side Bookshop
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Bestseller #10

The Witch Haven

By Sasha Peyton Smith
Narrated by: Piper Goodeve
Length: 13 hours 31 minutes

A New York Times Bestseller
Deluxe edition with special embellishments on first printing only!

“Spectacular, singular, and spellbinding.” —Casey McQuiston, New York Times bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue

The Last Magician meets The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy in this thrilling and atmospheric historical fantasy... Read more »

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Bestseller #11

We Hunt the Flame

Sands of Arawiya: Book #1

By Hafsah Faizal
Narrated by: Fiona Hardingham & Steve West
Length: 14 hours 44 minutes

"Narrators Fiona Hardingham and Steve West lend their exceptional vocal skills to this fantasy novel...Both narrators deliver commanding performances steeped in drama and suspense, drawing out every ounce of emotion and intrigue: — AudioFile Magazine, Earphones Award winner

Set in a richly detailed world inspired by ancient Arabia, Hafsah...

Read more »

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Bestseller #12

A Song Below Water

A Novel

By Bethany C. Morrow
Narrated by: Andrea Laing & Jennifer Haralson
Length: 9 hours 23 minutes

A Song Below Water

“A Song Below Water was a great listen! The narrators were fantastic. I think teen readers will connect to Tavia and Effie's identity journeys. A standout YA fantasy!”

Brain Lair Books image Jessica, Brain Lair Books
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Bestseller #13

The Dark Tide

By Alicia Jasinska
Narrated by: Lori Prince
Length: 8 hours 10 minutes

A gripping, dark LGBT YA fantasy about two girls who must choose between saving themselves, each other, or their sinking island.

Every year on St. Walpurga's Eve, Caldella's Witch Queen lures a boy back to her palace. An innocent life to be sacrificed on the full moon to keep the island city from sinking.

Lina Kirk is convinced her brother is... Read more »

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Bestseller #14

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Court of Thorns and Roses: Book #3

By Sarah J. Maas
Narrated by: Amanda Leigh Cobb
Length: 25 hours 9 minutes

The epic series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas continues with a stunning story of love, war, and revenge. Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s actions and learn what she can about the invading king threatening to bring her land to its knees. But to do so she must play a... Read more »

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Bestseller #15

The Witch King

The Witch King Duology: Book #1

By H.E. Edgmon
Narrated by: Dani Martineck
Length: 12 hours 1 minutes

The Witch King

“Where has this feral, hurt, angry, loving disaster of a gay trans witch been my whole life? I felt so at home within the pages of this book, and I know other queer & trans readers will feel the same way—this is the fantasy I wish I had in high school and my current favorite book to handsell.”

Phoenix Books image Miriasha, Phoenix Books
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Bestseller #16

Girl, Serpent, Thorn

By Melissa Bashardoust
Narrated by: Nikki Massoud
Length: 10 hours 6 minutes

Girl, Serpent, Thorn

“This gorgeous young adult fantasy is based on ancient Persian folkore and history, and this made it especially enjoyable as an audiobook because you do not have to guess at the pronunciation of words. Lush world building with romantic elements and an epic quest makes for an enthralling and hard to stop reading/listening tale. Soraya’s journey and coming of age story is filled with heartbreaking betrayals and twists that will have you rooting for her through the last page. You can’t help but feel her loneliness resulting from the curse that made the slightest contact with her skin deadly. It explores how well-intended decisions often have unintended consequences. Yearning for normalcy, acceptance, and love, Soraya’s decisions and actions result in dire consequences for her kingdom and family. However, as she faces the costs of her actions, you are left wondering if you might have ended up on the same path given the circumstances and knowledge in front of you. The story also weaves in a strong message of acceptance through queer love and showing it is never as simple as just heroes and villains or the absolutes of good and bad or right and wrong.”

Bright Side Bookshop image Cori, Bright Side Bookshop
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Bestseller #17

A Court of Frost and Starlight

Court of Thorns and Roses: Book #4

By Sarah J. Maas
Narrated by: Amanda Leigh Cobb
Length: 6 hours 23 minutes

A new, original novella in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series that picks up several months after the events of A Court of Wings and Ruin. Months after the explosive events in A Court of Wings and Ruin, Feyre, Rhys, and their companions are still busy rebuilding the Night Court and the vastly-changed world beyond. But Winter Solstice is... Read more »

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Bestseller #18

Children of Virtue and Vengeance

Legacy of Orisha: Book #2

By Tomi Adeyemi
Narrated by: Bahni Turpin
Length: 13 hours 27 minutes

*The spectacular sequel to Audie Award Audiobook of the Year Children of Blood and Bone*


"Bhani Turpin exquisitely narrates the second book in this fantasy series, Legacy of Orïsha. Her steady pace and West African accent draw us into the story of Zélie, a Maji warrior, and Princess Amari--both of whom fight...

Read more »

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Bestseller #19

In Other Lands

By Sarah Rees Brennan
Narrated by: Matthew Lloyd Davies
Length: 17 hours 19 minutes

The Borderlands aren't like anywhere else. Don't try to smuggle a phone or any other piece of technology over the wall that marks the Border—unless you enjoy a fireworks display in your backpack. (Ballpoint pens are okay.) There are elves, harpies, and—best of all as far as Elliot is concerned—mermaids.

Elliot? Who's Elliot? Elliot is thirteen... Read more »

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Bestseller #20

A Dark and Starless Forest

By Sarah Hollowell
Narrated by: Tara Sands
Length: 9 hours 43 minutes

When her siblings start to go missing, a girl must confront the dark thing that lives in the forest—and the growing darkness in herself—in this debut YA contemporary fantasy for fans of Wilder Girls.

Derry and her eight siblings live in an isolated house by the lake, separated from the rest of the world by an eerie and menacing forest. Frank, the...

Read more »

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Bestseller #21

The Infinity Courts

By Akemi Dawn Bowman
Narrated by: Mizuo Peck
Length: 13 hours 51 minutes

“Masterful and left me on the edge of my seat…absolutely everything I could want in a sci-fi.” —Adalyn Grace, New York Times bestselling author of All the Stars and Teeth

Westworld meets Warcross in this high-stakes, dizzyingly smart sci-fi about a teen girl navigating an afterlife in which she must defeat an AI entity intent on destroying... Read more »

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Bestseller #22


The Raybearer Series: Book #2

By Jordan Ifueko
Narrated by: Joniece Abbott-Pratt
Length: 13 hours 15 minutes

The hotly anticipated sequel to the instant New York Times bestselling YA fantasy about Tarisai’s quest to change her fate

For the first time, an Empress Redemptor sits on Aritsar’s throne. To appease the sinister spirits of the dead, Tarisai must now anoint a council of her own, coming into her full power as a Raybearer. She must then descend...

Read more »

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Bestseller #23

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter (ENG)

By J. K. Rowling
Narrated by: Jim Dale
Length: 21 hours 35 minutes

"Give me Harry Potter,' said Voldemort's voice, 'and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded."

As he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid's motorbike and takes to the skies, leaving Privet Drive for the last time, Harry Potter knows that Lord Voldemort and...

Read more »

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Bestseller #24

It Ends in Fire

By Andrew Shvarts
Narrated by: Dara Rosenberg
Length: 11 hours 57 minutes

A James Patterson Presents novel
Alka Chelrazi is on a mission:
1. Infiltrate Blackwater Academy
2. Win the Great Game
3. Burn Wizard society to the ground
As a child, Alka witnessed her parents' brutal murder at the hands of Wizards before she was taken in by an underground rebel group.

Now, Alka is deep under cover at the most prestigious... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #25

Akata Witch

Nsibidi Scripts: Book #1

By Nnedi Okorafor
Narrated by: Yetide Badaki
Length: 8 hours 49 minutes

Twelve-year-old Sunny lives in Nigeria, but she was born American. Her features are African, but she has albinism. She's a terrific athlete, but can't go out into the sun to play soccer. There seems to be no place where she fits in. And then she discovers something amazing—she is a "free agent" with latent mystical power. Soon she's part of a... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #26

A Sky Beyond the Storm

An Ember in the Ashes: Book #4

By Sabaa Tahir
Narrated by: Fiona Hardingham, Katharine Lee McEwan, Steve West, Maxwell Caulfield & Nikki Massoud
Length: 17 hours 8 minutes

Prepare for the jaw-dropping finale of Sabaa Tahir's beloved New York Times bestselling An Ember in the Ashes fantasy series, and discover: Who will survive the storm?

Picking up just a few months after A Reaper at the Gates left off...

The long-imprisoned jinn are on the attack, wreaking bloody havoc in villages and cities alike. But for the... Read more »

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Bestseller #27


Earthsea Cycle: Book #4

By Ursula K. Le Guin
Narrated by: Jenny Sterlin
Length: 8 hours 33 minutes

Years before, they had escaped together from the sinister Tombs of Atuan -- she, an isolated young priestess, he, a powerful wizard. Now she is a farmer's widow, having chosen for herself the simple pleasures of an ordinary life. And he is a broken old man, mourning the powers lost to him not by choice. A lifetime ago, they helped each other at... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #28

Kingdom of the Wicked

Kingdom of the Wicked: Book #1

By Kerri Maniscalco
Narrated by: Marisa Calin
Length: 12 hours 5 minutes

A James Patterson Presents Novel
From the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series comes a new blockbuster series...
Two sisters.One brutal murder.A quest for vengeance that will unleash Hell itself...And an intoxicating romance.Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria are streghe - witches who live... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #29

Flash Fire

The Extraordinaries, Book Two
The Extraordinaries: Book #2

By TJ Klune
Narrated by: Michael Lesley
Length: 13 hours 12 minutes

Flash Fire is the explosive sequel to The Extraordinaries by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author TJ Klune!

Through bravery, charm, and an alarming amount of enthusiasm, Nick landed himself the superhero boyfriend of his dreams. Now instead of just writing stories about him, Nick actually gets to kiss him. On the mouth. A lot. But...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #30


By Marie Lu
Narrated by: Natalie Naudus & Raymond J. Lee
Length: 12 hours 20 minutes

Explosive action and swoon-worthy suspense collide in Steelstriker the riveting conclusion to the Skyhunter duet from #1 New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu

As a Striker, Talin was taught loyalty is life. Loyalty to the Shield who watches your back, to the Strikers who risk their lives on the battlefield, and most of all, to Mara, which...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #31

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter (ENG)

By J.K. Rowling
Narrated by: Stephen Fry
Length: 8 hours 43 minutes

"Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter 'H'."

Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #32

Alanna: The First Adventure

Song of the Lioness #1
Song of the Lioness: Book #1

By Tamora Pierce
Narrated by: Tamora Pierce
Length: 5 hours 14 minutes

Becoming a legend is not easy, as young Alanna of Trebond discovers when she disguises herself as a boy and begins training to be a knight. Alanna's skills and stubborness help her befriend Prince Jonathan and alienate his evil uncle, Duke Roger. Filled with swords and sorcery, adventure and intrigue, good and evil, this book is a rousing... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #33

The Hazel Wood

A Novel
The Hazel Wood: Book #1

By Melissa Albert
Narrated by: Rebecca Soler & James Fouhey
Length: 10 hours 30 minutes

The Hazel Wood

“This book is perfect for those who love dark fairytales. Alice has always lived her life on the road with her mother, Ella. They move every couple of months due to this run of bad luck that follows them wherever they go. She has an estranged grandmother with a small cult-following from writing a mysterious book of fairytales whom her mother refuses to talk about. However, when Ella goes missing in New York City, Alice must unravel the secrets of her grandmother's past to get the answers regarding her mother's disappearance. Such a creepy and captivating story!”

An Unlikely Story image Colleen, An Unlikely Story
Audiobook details
Bestseller #34

Return of the Thief

Queen’s Thief: Book #6

By Megan Whalen Turner
Narrated by: Steve West
Length: 11 hours 22 minutes

“A bravura performance by one of our finest writers.”—The Horn Book (starred review)

“This series finale has everything readers could hope for from a conclusion 20 years in the making.”— School Library Journal (starred review)

The thrilling, twenty-years-in-the-making conclusion to the New York Times–bestselling Queen’s Thief series by Megan...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #35


The Illuminae Files: Book #1

By Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Narrated by: Olivia Taylor Dudley, Lincoln Hoppe, Johnathan McClain, Kimberly Farr, Donnabella Mortel, Matthew Frow, Sile Bermingham, Jolene Kim, Emma Bering, Full Cast, Ryan Gesell & Beata Pozniak
Length: 11 hours 39 minutes

For fans of Marie Lu comes the first book in an epic series that bends the sci-fi genre into a new dimension.
 “A truly beautiful novel that redefines the form."Victoria Aveyard, bestselling author of Red Queen

This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do. This afternoon, her planet was invaded.
... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #36

In the Hand of the Goddess

Song of the Lioness #2
Song of the Lioness: Book #2

By Tamora Pierce
Narrated by: Trini Alvarado
Length: 5 hours

Disguised as a boy, Alanna of Trebond becomes a squire -- to none other than the prince of the realm. But Prince Jonathan is much more to Alanna; he is her ally, her best friend, and one of the few who knows that she's really a girl. Now it will take all of Alanna's awesome skill, strength, and growing magical powers to protect him from the... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #37

The Bronzed Beasts

The Gilded Wolves: Book #3

By Roshani Chokshi
Narrated by: Laurie Catherine Winkel & P. J. Ochlan
Length: 11 hours 53 minutes

Returning to the dark and glamorous 19th century world of her New York Times instant bestseller, The Gilded Wolves, Roshani Chokshi dazzles us with the final riveting tale as full of mystery and danger as ever in The Bronzed Beasts.

After Séverin's seeming betrayal, the crew is fractured. Armed with only a handful of hints, Enrique, Laila, Hypnos...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #38

Chain of Iron

The Last Hours

By Cassandra Clare
Narrated by: Finty Williams
Length: 23 hours 12 minutes

The Shadowhunters must catch a killer in Edwardian London in this dangerous and romantic sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Chain of Gold, from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Cassandra Clare. Chain of Iron is a Shadowhunters novel.

Cordelia Carstairs seems to have everything she ever wanted. She’s engaged to marry... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #39

The King of Crows

The Diviners: Book #4

By Libba Bray
Narrated by: January LaVoy
Length: 22 hours 20 minutes

The breath-taking finale to the epic New York Times bestseller, The Diviners, from Printz winner and beloved author, Libba Bray.

After the horrifying explosion that claimed one of their own, the Diviners find themselves wanted by the US government, and on the brink of war with the King of Crows.

While Memphis and Isaiah run for their lives from... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #40

Akata Warrior

Nsibidi Scripts: Book #2

By Nnedi Okorafor
Narrated by: Yetide Badaki
Length: 12 hours 42 minutes

A year ago, Sunny Nwazue, an American-born girl Nigerian girl, was inducted into the secret Leopard Society. As she began to develop her magical powers, Sunny learned that she had been chosen to lead a dangerous mission to avert an apocalypse, brought about by the terrifying masquerade, Ekwensu. Now, stronger, feistier, and a bit older, Sunny is... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #41

The Last Legacy

A Novel

By Adrienne Young
Narrated by: Suzy Jackson
Length: 8 hours 15 minutes

New York Times bestselling author Adrienne Young returns with The Last Legacy, a captivating standalone about family and blood ties, reinventing yourself, and controlling your own destiny.

When a letter from her uncle Henrick arrives on Bryn Roth's eighteenth birthday, summoning her back to Bastian, Bryn is eager to prove herself and finally take...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #42

Red Queen

Red Queen: Book #1

By Victoria Aveyard
Narrated by: Amanda Dolan
Length: 12 hours 39 minutes

The #1 New York Times bestselling series!

Red Queen, by #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Aveyard, is a sweeping tale of power, intrigue, and betrayal, perfect for fans of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series.

Mare Barrow's world is divided by blood—those with common, Red blood serve the Silver-blooded elite, who are gifted...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #43

Six Crimson Cranes

Six Crimson Cranes: Book #1

By Elizabeth Lim
Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller
Length: 12 hours 53 minutes

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A princess in exile, a shapeshifting dragon, six enchanted cranes, and an unspeakable curse... Drawing from fairy tales and East Asian folklore, this original fantasy from the author of Spin the Dawn is perfect for fans of Shadow and Bone.

"A dazzling fairytale full of breathtaking storytelling." --Stephanie Garber,... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #44

Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr

The Old Kingdom: Book #2

By Garth Nix
Narrated by: Tim Curry
Length: 14 hours 43 minutes

Lirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr. Abandoned by her mother, ignorant of her father's identity, Lirael resembles no one else in her large extended family living in the Clayr's glacier. She doesn't even have the Sight--the ability to See into the present and possibly futures--that is the very birthright of the... Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #45

A Peculiar Peril

The Misadventures of Jonathan Lambshead: Book #1

By Jeff VanderMeer
Narrated by: Raphael Corkhill
Length: 22 hours 19 minutes

A Peculiar Peril is a head-spinning epic about three friends on a quest to protect the world from a threat as unknowable as it is terrifying, from the Nebula Award–winning and New York Times bestselling author of Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer.

Jonathan Lambshead stands to inherit his deceased grandfather’s overstuffed mansion—a veritable...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #46

Forest of Souls

Shamanborn Series

By Lori M. Lee
Narrated by: Cindy Kay
Length: 10 hours 43 minutes

Sirscha Ashwyn comes from nothing, but she’s intent on becoming something. After years of training to become the queen’s next royal spy, her plans are derailed when shamans attack and kill her best friend, Saengo. And then Sirscha, somehow, restores Saengo to life. Unveiled as the first soulguide in living memory, Sirscha is summoned to the...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #47

The Night Country

A Hazel Wood Novel
The Hazel Wood: Book #2

By Melissa Albert
Narrated by: Rebecca Soler & James Fouhey
Length: 8 hours 41 minutes

"In this sequel to THE HAZEL WOOD, narrator Rebecca Soler returns to breathe life into Alice, who has now escaped from the magical story-fueled world of the Hinterland...Soler's narration brims with Alice's anger and grit, her conflicting emotions spilling into every word." — AudioFile Magazine

"A must-read for fans of portal fantasies,...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #48

Carry On

Simon Snow Series: Book #1

By Rainbow Rowell
Narrated by: Euan Morton
Length: 13 hours 37 minutes

#1 New York Times bestselling author!

Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who's ever been chosen.

That's what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he's probably right.

Half the time, Simon can't even make his wand work, and the other half, he starts something on fire. His mentor's avoiding him, his...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #49

The Memory of Babel

By Christelle Dabos
Narrated by: Emma Fenney
Length: 14 hours 36 minutes

After two years and seven months biding her time on Anima, her home ark, it is finally time to act, to put what she has discovered in the Book of Faruk to use. Under an assumed identity, Ophelia travels to Babel, a cosmopolitan and thoroughly modern ark that is the jewel of the universe. Will her talent as a reader suffice to avoid being lured...

Read more »

Audiobook details
Bestseller #50

Sword in the Stars

A Once & Future Novel
Once & Future: Book #2

By Cori McCarthy & A. R. Capetta
Narrated by: Lauren Fortgang
Length: 10 hours 48 minutes

In this epic sequel to Once & Future, Ari and her Rainbow knights must pull off a Holy Grail heist thousands of years in the past -- without destroying their own destinies.
Ari Helix may have won her battle against the tyrannical Mercer corporation, but the larger war has just begun. Ari and her cursed wizard Merlin must travel back in time... Read more »

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