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#Uplift: Positive Books

#Uplift: Positive Books

Books that are uplifting and encourage improvement without negativity

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Let Love Have the Last Word

By Common
Narrated by: Common
Length: 5 hours

“An insightful memoir that uncovers unique stories about matters of the heart.” —Essence

The inspiring New York Times bestseller from Common—the Grammy Award, Academy Award, and Golden Globe–winning musician, actor, and activist—explores how love and mindfulness can build communities and allow you to take better control of your life through... Read more »

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Gmorning, Gnight!

Little Pep Talks for Me & You

By Lin-Manuel Miranda
Narrated by: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Length: 46 minutes

Gmorning, Gnight!

“Taken from the tweets of this excellent man of many talents, each page has a thought, pep talk, or sweet encouragement for your morning or evening. Illustrated by Jonny Sun, the man behind everyone’s a aliebn, this little book is just what I need to help me start and end each day. Truly lovely and the perfect little gift book for everyone.”

Bookshop Santa Cruz image Jax, Bookshop Santa Cruz
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Don't Overthink It

Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life

By Anne Bogel
Narrated by: Anne Bogel
Length: 4 hours 28 minutes

We've all been there: stuck in a cycle of what-ifs, plagued by indecision, paralyzed by the fear of getting it wrong. Nobody wants to live a life of constant overthinking, but it doesn't feel like something we can choose to stop doing. It feels like something we're wired to do, something we just can't escape. But is it?

Anne Bogel's answer is... Read more »

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Dream Big

Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It

By Bob Goff
Narrated by: Bob Goff
Length: 5 hours 36 minutes

Are you ready to uncover and reach your biggest dreams? Bob Goff, the New York Times bestselling author of Love Does and Everybody, Always, is on a mission to help you recapture the version of your life that you dreamed about before fear started calling the shots. It's time to dream big again.

We want to be the kind of people who release amazing...

Read more »

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The Hidden Power of F*cking Up

By The Try Guys, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang & Ned Fulmer
Narrated by: The Try Guys
Length: 8 hours 55 minutes

The four co-creators of The Try Guys, one of the Internet’s most popular and viral sensations, deliver their first book—an inspirational self-improvement guide that teaches you that the path to success is littered with humiliating detours, embarrassing offenses, and unexpected failures.

Best friends and social media stars Eugene, Keith, Ned, and...

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Stories for Kids Who Dare to Be Different

True Tales of Amazing People Who Stood Up and Stood Out

By Ben Brooks
Narrated by: Jasmine Blackborow & Joe Leat
Length: 3 hours 58 minutes

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls? Not in this audiobook.
The follow-up to Ben Brooks's New York Times bestselling Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different, this audiobook offers more extraordinary true stories of amazing people who broke the mold and changed the world for the better. The resulting message? Be yourself, and your dreams... Read more »

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Stop Checking Your Likes

Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life

By Susie Moore
Narrated by: Cat Gould
Length: 7 hours 13 minutes

In the age of social media, too many people obsess over Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and other digital tokens of popularity. That habit is a symptom of a deeper problem: the need for constant approval. Too often we live our lives for an audience and miss out on the kind of life we really desire. In Stop Checking Your Likes, author and life... Read more »

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No Stopping You!

How to Win the Game of Life

By Roger E. Flax
Narrated by: Roger E. Flax
Length: 11 hours 3 minutes

Why do some people succeed tremendously, feel very good about themselves, and simply can't wait for the next day?
While others have all the desire, smarts, talent and motivation to greatly succeed, but something's missing...
To respected corporate leadership guru Dr. Roger Flax, the answer is simple: winning the game of life begins and ends with... Read more »

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Looking Up

How a Different Perspective Turns Obstacles into Advantages

By Michele Sullivan
Narrated by: Michele Sullivan
Length: 5 hours 53 minutes

We’ve all had moments of feeling like we didn’t belong, but imagine being born into a world where fitting in was never an option. Michele Sullivan, who has a rare form of dwarfism, shares how her physical posture taught her the most effective relational posture with others, which helped her become one of the most powerful women in...

Read more »

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Lean Out

A Meditation on the Madness of Modern Life

By Tara Henley
Narrated by: Tara Henley
Length: 8 hours


"Travel to the land of Couldn't Be More Timely."--Margaret Atwood on Lean Out, in the West End Phoenix

"What begins as one woman's critique of our culture of overwork and productivity ultimately becomes an investigation into our most urgent problems: vast inequality, loneliness, economic precarity, and isolation from...
Read more »

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A Hopeful History

By Rutger Bregman
Length: 11 hours 37 minutes

If you enjoyed Sapiens, then you’ll love Humankind.

“While I am not totally convinced at the author’s premise (starting with Hobbes vs Rousseau), I found this book to be well researched and insighful as the author presents and dismantles many of the cornerstones of modern life proporting that humankind is basically bad. His extended digging behind such behavioural foundations as “The Lord of the Flies”, The Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram experiment really made me ponder the old adage “sex sells”. The gorier and more lurid the outcome, the better we humans like it and the more we absorb these ideas that make us less human and definitely less kind. A timely read and one that I will continue to ruminate on while trying to be the better kind of human that Rutger Bregman believes us to be.”

Rediscovered Books image Rebecca, Rediscovered Books
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Growing Young

How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100

By Marta Zaraska
Narrated by: Athena Karkanis
Length: 8 hours 54 minutes


A smart, research-driven case for why optimism, kindness, and strong social networks will help us live to 100.

From the day her daughter was born, science journalist Marta Zaraska fretted about what she and her family were eating. She fasted, considered adopting the keto diet, and ran a half-marathon. She bought goji berries... Read more »

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Find Your Artistic Voice

The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic

By Lisa Congdon
Narrated by: Lisa Congdon
Length: 3 hours 55 minutes

Bestselling author, artist, and illustrator Lisa Congdon brings her expertise to this guide to the process of artistic self-discovery.

Find Your Artistic Voice helps artists and creatives identify and nurture their own visual identity.

This one-of-a-kind book
helps artists navigate the influence of creators they admire, while simultaneously... Read more »

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