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Women's February

Women's February

Phenomenal Woman

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The Word of Promise Audio Bible - New King James Version, NKJV: The Christmas Story

NKJV Audio Bible

By Thomas Nelson
Narrated by: Louis Gossett Jr., John Heard & Christopher McDonald
Length: 21 minutes

In this harmonized portrayal of the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Jesus from Matthew and Luke, listeners will encounter the drama and joy of Christmas in a fresh and exciting way. The Word of Promise Christmas Story features original music from the world-renowned guitarist and Dove Award winner, Phil Keaggy, along with a faithful...

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The Book of Ruth - The Holy Bible King James Version

The Holy Bible - King James Version

By Ruth
Narrated by: Martin Orchard Twig
Length: 22 minutes

A story about two women, Ruth and her mother in law, Naomi. After their husbands die, they move back to Bethlehem. Once in Bethlehem Ruth seduces and marries the wealthy Boaz to secure her own inheritance. Eventually they have children.

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Battlefield of the Mind

Winning the Battle in Your Mind

By Joyce Meyer
Narrated by: Pat Lentz
Length: 6 hours 24 minutes

In celebration of selling 3 million copies, FaithWords is publishing a special edition of BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND.

Worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation: all these are attacks on the mind. If readers suffer from negative thoughts, they can take heart! Joyce Meyer has helped millions win these all-important... Read more »

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Nikki Giovanni: Love Poems & A Good Cry

What We Learn From Tears and Laughter

By Nikki Giovanni
Narrated by: Nikki Giovanni
Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

The poetry of Nikki Giovanni has spurred movements, turned hearts and informed generations. She’s been hailed as a firebrand, a radical, a healer, and a sage; a wise and courageous voice who has spoken out on the sensitive issues, including race and gender, that touch our national consciousness.


Love Poems: Nikki reads a stunning collection of...

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American Spy

A Novel

By Lauren Wilkinson
Narrated by: Bahni Turpin
Length: 10 hours 49 minutes

American Spy

“Part literary fiction, part spy novel, punctuated by black American history, Lauren Wilkinson’s debut novel crosses time periods and genres. This unflinching portrayal of a young black woman who becomes a Fed during the height of the Cold War is based on the true story of Thomas Sankara, known as “Africa’s Che Guevara.” Politics, illicit relationships, and family drama all converge in this tale of American history, disguised as a thriller, written like a memoir. Be brave. Be groundbreaking. Take risks. Live to see the consequences of your actions and to be bold another day.”

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Playing In The Dark

Whiteness and the Literary Imagination

By Toni Morrison
Narrated by: Bahni Turpin
Length: 3 hours 9 minutes

An immensely persuasive work of literary criticism that opens a new chapter in the American dialogue on race—and promises to change the way we read American literature.

Morrison shows how much the themes of freedom and individualism, manhood and innocence, depended on the existence of a black population that was manifestly unfree--and that came... Read more »

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Spend $15 or more at an independent bookstore and get a free audiobook! Learn more