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2021 Bookish Reading Challenge

We scoured list upon list of the best books from the last several years (and some more classic titles, too) to create a super-rad reading challenge for our Book Nerd Community. Of course, we’re always on the quest for diverse books, so you can be sure this list is chock full of writing by authors of color, LGBTQ authors, authors from various places around the world… We’re looking to take you slightly out out of your comfort zone and into something truly spectacular. The rules are simple: To earn the title of Bookish Book Nerd, read 12 books from our curated list, each from a different category. That’s it. Easy Peasy. Sound too easy? We see you. That' s why we upped the ante a bit and created the Book Nerd to the Max Power category. That's 24 books from 22 different categories in 2021. Rad, right?!?

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