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Sultry September Staff Picks

Sultry September Staff Picks

Slip these sultry specimens in your satchel of "to-reads!" Check out the rest of our staff pics at

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

A Novel

By Anthony Doerr
Narrated by: Marin Ireland & Simon Jones
Length: 14 hours 51 minutes

Cloud Cuckoo Land

“From the author of the much loved All The Light We Cannot See comes a very different and imaginative story. Doerr writes of the longevity of books and libraries and how they endure through time. Spanning from 15th century Constantinople, to present day Idaho (where he lives), to a 22nd century spaceship, one wonders how these settings and characters could possibly intersect. But, they do in surprising ways. This is my favorite book of the year. Enjoy!”

Bookstore1Sarasota image Melanie, Bookstore1Sarasota
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Great Circle

A novel

By Maggie Shipstead
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell & Alex McKenna
Length: 25 hours 16 minutes

Great Circle

“Like so many big, statement-making novels, Maggie Shipstead's Great Circle is an inviting, ambitious, and commodious work. But unlike so many of them, Great Circle makes the statement without dragging across its page count. It gallops, in fact, in its telling of Marian Graves's triumphant and ill-fated trek across the globe and of the Hollywood starlet, decades later, charged with playing her on screen. And it does so with verve and an infectious volley of voice that I couldn't get out of my head. It's the kind of story you wish would never end. Great Circle is as heart-aching as it is profound in what it says about life's great journeys, our shared histories, and freedom!”

BookPeople image Uriel, BookPeople
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What We Carry

By Kalyn Fogarty
Narrated by: Käthe Mazur, Xe Sands & Holter Graham
Length: 10 hours 58 minutes

Cassidy Morgan's life has always followed a carefully laid track: top education, fulfilling career, and marriage to the love of her life. The next logical step was starting a family. But when a late-term miscarriage threatens to derail everything she's worked so hard for, she finds herself questioning her identity, particularly what it means to... Read more »

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Station Eleven

A novel

By Emily St. John Mandel
Narrated by: Kirsten Potter
Length: 10 hours 39 minutes

2014 National Book Award Finalist

A New York Times Bestseller

An audacious, darkly glittering novel set in the eerie days of civilization’s collapse, Station Eleven tells the spellbinding story of a Hollywood star, his would-be savior, and a nomadic group of actors roaming the scattered outposts of the Great Lakes region, risking everything for... Read more »

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A Slow Fire Burning

A Novel

By Paula Hawkins
Narrated by: Rosamund Pike
Length: 9 hours 19 minutes

A Slow Fire Burning

“I remember the addictiveness of Girl on The Train and Into the Water, and Paula Hawkins did not let readers down with this new book. A Slow Fire Burning was an amazing read that I couldn’t put down.”

Story on the Square image Deanna Bailey, Story on the Square
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Hollow Kingdom

By Kira Jane Buxton
Narrated by: Robert Petkoff
Length: 10 hours 10 minutes

Hollow Kingdom

“You wouldn't think a foul-mouthed, wise-cracking crow named S. T. (short for Shit Turd) would be a great companion at the end of the world, but honestly? I couldn't imagine another living being to spend the apocalypse with. Buxton amazingly captures the natural world as the humans have devolved into zombie-like creatures, and given us the narrator we deserve. On top of that, Robert Petkoff is the absolute perfect reader to take us on this journey. Side-splittingly hilarious as well as a thoughtful warning against technology, this unique book is one readers (or listeners!) won't be able to put down. ”

Watermark Books image Melissa, Watermark Books
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Fault Lines

A Novel

By Emily Itami
Narrated by: Lydia Wilson
Length: 5 hours 22 minutes

Fault Lines

“Emily Itami has given us an incredibly engaging, hilarious, and relatable narrator in Mizuki as she navigates the fault lines in her marriage, in her past, and within herself.”

Itinerant Literate Books image Danielle Raub, Itinerant Literate Books
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The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois

An Oprah’s Book Club Novel

By Honoree Fanonne Jeffers
Narrated by: Adenrele Ojo, Karen Chilton & Prentice Onayemi
Length: 29 hours 48 minutes

If you enjoyed Pachinko (National Book Award Finalist), then you’ll love The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois.

“This book really won me over with its brilliant writing and entrancing story. Honestly, I was intimidated by the length and title (especially as someone who doesn't love poetry) but the blurb was so good and it sounded right up my alley. The narrators, Adenrele Ojo, Karen Chilton & Prentice Onayemi, all have gorgeous voices and immediately draw you in. It took a bit for me to get fully invested in the story but holy cow, Jeffers weaves an IMPRESSIVE tale. It was both too long and too short; I savored every word and was sad it when it was over. There is true talent in being able to hold your attention for 816 pages, especially for a slow burn of a literary novel and this one is well worth it in the end. With rich language, multi-generational family history, borderline poetic (and yet not intimidating poetic), this book is for fans of Pachinko, Homegoing, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, or any work of Jesmyn Ward's.”

Buttonwood Books and Toys image Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys
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Lightning Strike

Cork O'Connor Mysteries: Book #18

By William Kent Krueger
Narrated by: David Chandler
Length: 11 hours 37 minutes

Lightning Strike

“In this prequel set in 1963, we meet 12-year-old Cork’s family as his father investigates a murder. Even as Cork believes he will never be a cop, we can see Cork’s inevitable future as an investigator.”

Northwind Book & Fiber image Carol Blizzard Dunn, Northwind Book & Fiber
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Persephone Station

By Stina Leicht
Narrated by: Maria Liatis
Length: 11 hours 55 minutes

If you enjoyed The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, then you’ll love Persephone Station.

“A little bit A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, a little bit The Mandalorian, a little bit Rat Queens, Persephone Station is a rollicking, heartfelt, adventure (in space!). Interplanetary corporation and its recent leader (who may have obtained the position through less-than-legal means) trying to colonize “backwater” and "abandoned" land. Our morally-grey cast of characters won’t let that stand. The pay doesn’t hurt either. The not-quite-blackmail hurts a little though. The story follows three fascinating characters: Rosie, owner of Monk’s bar with dark secrets behind their tourist-slash-criminal bar; Angel formerly of the Corpse Corps who leads a rag-tag group of criminals and assassins; and one-of-a-kind Kennedy, who despite outward appearances, is not human at all. Persephone Station shines with colorful world-building just brimming with enchanting details. The danger might be intense, but you’ll still want a front seat to the show.”

Wellesley Books image Cassie, Wellesley Books
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A Novel

By Jennifer Saint
Narrated by: Barrie Kreinik
Length: 11 hours 59 minutes


“Satisfying the need for more Greek/Roman transformational myths from much-needed other viewpoints, Jennifer Saint delivers tales of Ariadne and her sister Phaedra’s life on Crete and beyond. Less heroic yarn and more character inquisitiveness — a refreshing addition.”

Edmonds Bookshop image Michelle Bear, Edmonds Bookshop
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The Program

By Suzanne Young
Narrated by: Joy Osmanski
Length: 10 hours 56 minutes

In this “gripping tale for lovers of dystopian romance” (Kirkus Reviews), true feelings are forbidden, teen suicide is an epidemic, and the only solution is The Program.

Sloane knows better than to cry in front of anyone. With suicide now an international epidemic, one outburst could land her in The Program, the only proven course of treatment.... Read more »

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The Last Wish

Introducing the Witcher
The Witcher: Book #1

By Andrzej Sapkowski
Narrated by: Peter Kenny
Length: 10 hours 17 minutes

Geralt the Witcher—revered and hated—holds the line against the monsters plaguing humanity in this collection of adventures, the first chapter in Andrzej Sapkowski’s groundbreaking epic fantasy series that inspired the hit Netflix show and the blockbuster video games.

Geralt is a Witcher, a man whose magic powers, enhanced by long training and a... Read more »

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Light From Uncommon Stars

By Ryka Aoki
Narrated by: Cindy Kay
Length: 13 hours 13 minutes

Good Omens meets The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet in Ryka Aoki's Light From Uncommon Stars, a defiantly joyful adventure set in California's San Gabriel Valley, with cursed violins, Faustian bargains, and queer alien courtship over fresh-made donuts.

Shizuka Satomi made a deal with the devil: to escape damnation, she must entice seven other...

Read more »

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The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina

A Novel

By Zoraida Córdova
Narrated by: Frankie Corzo
Length: 10 hours 57 minutes

The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina

“This story sparkles and enchants! It’s a rich and layered multigeneration saga featuring strong women and a mystery veiled in magical realism that will tease and feed your imagination.”

University Book Store image Grace Rajendran, University Book Store
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The Bones of Ruin

By Sarah Raughley
Narrated by: Ione Butler
Length: 17 hours 16 minutes

An African tightrope walker who can’t die gets embroiled in a secret society’s deadly gladiatorial tournament in this thrilling historical fantasy set in an alternate 1880s London, perfect for fans of The Last Magician and The Gilded Wolves.

As an African tightrope dancer in Victorian London, Iris is used to being strange. She is certainly a... Read more »

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School of Fear

School of Fear: Book #1

By Gitty Daneshvari
Narrated by: Emma Walton Hamilton
Length: 5 hours 40 minutes

Everyone is afraid of something...

Madeleine Masterson is deathly afraid of bugs, especially spiders.

Theodore Bartholomew is petrified of dying.
Lulu Punchalower is scared of confined spaces.

Garrison Feldman is terrified of deep water.
With very few options left, the parents of these four twelve year-olds send them to the highly elusive and... Read more »

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Beasts and Beauty

Dangerous Tales

By Soman Chainani
Narrated by: Polly Lee
Length: 6 hours 7 minutes

You think you know these stories, don’t you?

You are wrong.

You don’t know them at all.

Twelve tales, twelve dangerous tales of mystery, magic, and rebellious hearts. Each twists like a spindle to reveal truths full of warning and triumph, truths that free hearts long kept tame, truths that explore life . . . and death.

A prince has a...

Read more »

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

And Other Lessons from the Crematory

By Caitlin Doughty
Narrated by: Caitlin Doughty
Length: 7 hours 44 minutes

Most people want to avoid thinking about death, but Caitlin Doughty - a twenty-something with a degree in medieval history and a flair for the macabre - took a job at a crematory, turning morbid curiosity into her life's work. With an original voice that combines fearless curiosity and mordant wit, Caitlin tells an unusual coming-of-age story... Read more »

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

By Rebecca Skloot
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell & Bahni Turpin
Length: 12 hours 30 minutes

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “The story of modern medicine and bioethics—and, indeed, race relations—is refracted beautifully, and movingly.”—Entertainment Weekly


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