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Books of the Month at The Bookstore at Fitger's

This playlist is a list of all of our Book of the Month features at The Bookstore at Fitger's. Chosen by our staff, we love these books and know you will too!

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The Reading List

A Novel

By Sara Nisha Adams
Narrated by: Tara Divina, Sagar Arya & Paul Panting
Length: 12 hours 47 minutes

The Reading List

“A beautifully written novel about people connected by a local library and an amazing reading list. As the characters’ lives are revealed through interweaving storylines, readers will root for them, cry for them, and celebrate their victories.”

Lisa Driban image Lisa Driban, Hockessin Book Shelf
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Say It Out Loud

By Allison Varnes
Narrated by: Emily Eiden
Length: 5 hours 59 minutes

An empowering look at finding your voice, facing your fears, and standing up for what's right, from the author of Property of the Rebel Librarian.

Charlotte Andrews is perfectly fine being quiet--in fact, she prefers it. When she doesn't speak, people can't make fun of her stutter. But when she witnesses bullying on the school bus and doesn't... Read more »

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Once There Were Wolves

By Charlotte McConaghy
Narrated by: Saskia Maarleveld
Length: 8 hours 27 minutes

If you enjoyed The Dog Stars, then you’ll love Once There Were Wolves.

“Inti has always relied on tough, talkative Aggie, whether they're with one parent surviving in the wilderness of North America or with the other, a tough cop in Australia. Her sense of security, constantly undermined by her rare neurological disorder - a tactile form of synaesthesia, is fragile at best. We can all relate to Inti's growing fears she faces a parent's illness, her sister's change from strong one to frail one, and the ecological fight of a lifetime. The murder that threatens to undermine her professional project makes Inti question all her certainties (and keeps us guessing until the end!). Like in Mandel's Station Eleven, Heller's The Dog Stars, and McConaghy's earlier novel Migrations, beautiful descriptions of landscapes and tough, edgy questions about ecology enrich a story of a main character searching for strength and trust in a world of disaster, and Inti's story, with its rich parallel themes (book clubs, listen up!) and thriller-speed plot twists, will appeal to a variety of readers.”

The Haunted Bookshop image Nialle, The Haunted Bookshop
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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

By V. E. Schwab
Narrated by: Julia Whelan
Length: 17 hours 9 minutes

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

“Schwab has a masterpiece on her hands with this title. I loved it from the beginning, and that love grew until the very end. Addie needed to find a way to escape the life she is supposed to live as a woman in France, 1714. “No matter how desperate or dire, never pray to the gods that answer after dark.” As the sun sets, she is praying to any god that will listen to help her be free, someone eventually hears her... and they answer. 300 years later Addie walks into a bookstore to find a young man at the counter. Upon her return she realizes he remembers her...”

Paragraphs Bookstore image Maxwell, Paragraphs Bookstore
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The Guncle

By Steven Rowley
Narrated by: Steven Rowley
Length: 11 hours 23 minutes

From the bestselling author of Lily and the Octopus and The Editor comes a warm and deeply funny novel about a once-famous gay sitcom star whose unexpected family tragedy leaves him with his niece and nephew for the summer.

Patrick, or Gay Uncle Patrick (GUP, for short), has always loved his niece, Maisie, and nephew, Grant. That is, he loves... Read more »

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Broken (in the best possible way)

By Jenny Lawson
Narrated by: Jenny Lawson
Length: 8 hours 18 minutes

Broken (in the best possible way)

“San Antonio author Jenny Lawson's newest collection was worth the wait! We have giggled over her previous book, FURIOUSLY HAPPY, many times here at the store. Now, we have BROKEN (IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY). Her hilarious, meandering life stories had me laughing in every chapter. Not only does she make comedy out of her (#relatable) social missteps and quirky passions, she also freely shares her mental health journey, adding poignant thoughts along the way on identity, love, and family. Listen to the author herself read the audiobook, which has a bonus chapter reflecting on the pandemic.”

Lark & Owl image Kim, Lark & Owl
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By Kaitlyn Greenidge
Narrated by: Channie Waites
Length: 12 hours 12 minutes


Libertie is a beautifully written, immersive historical novel inspired by the story of a Black doctor and her daughter who lived in a free Black community in Brooklyn during the Reconstruction era. It is also a profound meditation on what it means to be truly free — whether born free or formerly enslaved, whether in America, Haiti, or Liberia — while struggling against grief, sexism, racism, colorism, or classism. Libertie’s quest to forge her own path is a much-needed inspiration!”

Copper Dog Books image Alyssa Raymond, Copper Dog Books
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The Four Winds

A Novel

By Kristin Hannah
Narrated by: Julia Whelan
Length: 15 hours 2 minutes

The Four Winds

“A brilliantly woven narrative set during the Dust Bowl years on the High Plains of Texas, The Four Winds is a story of survival that inspires us to persist. Hannah extensively researched the devastation of this climatic and agricultural phenomenon and its toll on communities, which seamlessly informs the deftly woven narrative of the life of Elsa, a woman who finds that she has more tenacity and resourcefulness than she had been raised to believe — and then some.”

The Twig Book Shop image Claudia Maceo, The Twig Book Shop
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The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times

By Katherine May
Narrated by: Rebecca Lee
Length: 6 hours 53 minutes

If you enjoyed Vesper Flights, then you’ll love Wintering.

“This was the perfect listen at the right time. Memoir, mythology, and meditations on an ever ignored fact that we must change our lifestyle in order to adapt to this sometimes brutal season. I will definitely come back to this one many times.”

The Yankee Bookshop image Nichole, The Yankee Bookshop
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The Splendid and the Vile

A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz

By Erik Larson
Narrated by: John Lee & Erik Larson
Length: 17 hours 48 minutes

The Splendid and the Vile

“Erik Larson has done it again! With years of impeccable research into diaries, archives, dossiers, biographies, and official British documents, he has presented an intimate and detailed account of Winston Churchill in his first years as prime minister as he dealt with the London Blitz and his own personal and family issues. This is Churchill as few of us can imagine, in his silky pajamas entertaining major dignitaries at his weekend retreat, all the while continuing to reassure the British people during their darkest days that they have what it takes to withstand the German onslaught. The Splendid and the Vile reads like an engrossing novel, with all the fascinating details and facts that Erik Larson can provide.”

Gail Meyer image Gail Meyer, The Bookstore Plus Music & Art
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A Promised Land

By Barack Obama
Narrated by: Barack Obama
Length: 29 hours 9 minutes

A Promised Land

“No one really needs my blurb to help sell this book, but I wanted to give it anyway, especially for the audiobook, narrated by Barack Obama himself. If you want to know his incredible knowledge and wisdom that guided him through major decisions, and also hear him drop a few F-bombs, you need to listen to this fantastically written book. ”

Quail Ridge Books image Amber, Quail Ridge Books
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Anxious People

A Novel

By Fredrik Backman
Narrated by: Marin Ireland
Length: 9 hours 53 minutes

Anxious People

“At its simplest, we could just say this is a story about the human condition. Backman’s wry and deceptively simple storytelling provides us an exquisite and astute study of the little complexities that fills our lives with joy and pain. Through his rich story exploring second chances, missed opportunities, and unintended consequences, he captures the essence of what it means to be human and the complexities of navigating relationships with each other by exploring what we say and do not say to one another. The audio version is absolutely spectacular. The narrator brings each character to life with unique and spot-on personalities that I cannot imagine creating myself in my head. Her delivery of the dialogue and story is spot on and kept me laughing throughout.”

Bright Side Bookshop image Cori, Bright Side Bookshop
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The Nothing Man

By Catherine Ryan Howard
Narrated by: Alana Kerr Collins & John Keating
Length: 9 hours 56 minutes

At the age of twelve, Eve Black was the only member of her family to survive an encounter with serial attacker the Nothing Man. Now an adult, she is obsessed with identifying the man who destroyed her life.

Supermarket security guard Jim Doyle has just started reading The Nothing Man—the true-crime memoir Eve has written about her efforts to...

Read more »

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Black Sun

Between Earth and Sky: Book #1

By Rebecca Roanhorse
Narrated by: Cara Gee, Nicole Lewis, Kaipo Schwab & Shaun Taylor-Corbett
Length: 12 hours 46 minutes

Black Sun

“October, the month to read mysteries, horror, and suspense... but how about a fantasy novel with a little bit of all of the above? That is definitely my preference and New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Resistance Reborn, Rebecca Roanhorse, wrote just the right book. If you are a fan of fantasy you shouldn't let this one pass. It has a great and original storyline, compelling characters, and the world building was done really well. It is also a great read for this time of the year if horror is not something you can stomach but you still want a book with an edge this Halloween.”

Inklings Bookshop image Anne, Inklings Bookshop
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A Novel

By Natalie Zina Walschots
Narrated by: Alex McKenna
Length: 14 hours 14 minutes


“Super witty, super charged, and super villainous! Anna is a normal temp hench, working for ho-hum villains to make rent. But when she finally steps out from behind her desk, she's severely injured by a superhero. The pain and unpaid time off leads her to start running the numbers on the damage to humans and material objects caused by the so-called good guys. Burning with revenge and hatred, Anna soon captures the attention of the online world and a true villain- Leviathan. Soon Anna is using her gifts with numbers and burning passion to ruin superheroes to use, but when the chance to get more than even against the hero who hurt her appears, it might just be her own fall she's engineering. Absolutely recommending this book, especially on audio. It's narrated by Alex McKenna, who brings the large cast to life. McKenna captures Anna's snark, Leviathan's otherness, and Supercollider's pompous entitlement perfectly! ”

Fountain Bookstore image Kate, Fountain Bookstore
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The Black Kids

By Christina Hammonds Reed
Narrated by: Kiersey Clemons
Length: 8 hours 55 minutes

The Black Kids

“"I know she resents me and resents being here. She thinks I don't care. But it's not that; it's that there's so very much to care about, so much to feel, and instead of trying to sort out what's in my head, sometimes I don't want to feel any of it."

Christina Hammonds Reed's writing is gorgeous and transporting as she tells the story of Ashley, a Black teen living in LA during the 1992 riots. As the novel progresses, Ashley tries to carry on life as normal in her predominantly white neighborhood and private school. But despite all the ways she is similar, her friends and classmates begin to see her as one of "the Black kids" and Ashley must learn what that means. As she struggles to understand her own identity so does Los Angeles. This is a powerful novel that belongs in the hand of every teen and those that love them. Content warnings for descriptions of violence and police brutality, discussions of past suicide.”

Page 158 Books image Faith, Page 158 Books
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A novel
Eide Family Series

By Peter Geye
Narrated by: Edoardo Ballerini & Lisa Flanagan
Length: 11 hours 34 minutes


“Shakespeare wrote, ‘What’s past is prologue.’ Through Geye’s lyrical prose, we are reminded of the importance of where we come from and what we leave for those after us. Northernmost illustrates the power of true adventure — adventure through risking life and limb in the Arctic, adventure through loss, adventure through love, and adventure through the most powerful self-discovery. This book will leave an imprint on your heart.”

Kristen Sandstrom image Kristen Sandstrom, Apostle Islands Booksellers
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By Julia Alvarez
Narrated by: Alma Cuervo
Length: 6 hours 26 minutes

The author of In the Time of the Butterflies, with more than one million copies in print, is back with a tour de force. Antonia Vega, the immigrant writer at the center of Afterlife, has had the rug pulled out from under her. She has just retired from the college where she taught English when her beloved husband, Sam, suddenly dies. And then... Read more »

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Strike Me Down

A Novel

By Mindy Mejia
Narrated by: Samantha Desz, George Newbern & Allyson Ryan
Length: 8 hours 35 minutes

In this “whip-smart thriller featuring a brilliant female protagonist, a finely-tuned plot, and some truly spectacular writing” (Cristina Alger, USA TODAY bestselling author) from the author of Leave No Trace, a high stakes crime triggers a woman’s complicated and potentially deadly search for the truth.

Nora Trier catches thieves. As a forensic... Read more »

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A Witch in Time

By Constance Sayers
Narrated by: Courtney Patterson, Claire Christie, Brittany Wilkerson & Stephanie Willis
Length: 15 hours 3 minutes

A witch is cursed to relive a doomed love affair through many lifetimes, as both troubled muse and frustrated artist, in this haunting debut novel.

Helen Lambert has lived several lives-a young piano virtuoso in 1890s Paris, an actress in 1930's Hollywood, a rock star in 1970s Los Angeles -- only she doesn't know it. Until she meets a strange man... Read more »

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