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Beausoleil's Current Reading

Check out the books that our Owners, Manager, and Staff are currently reading!

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How to Write an Autobiographical Novel


By Alexander Chee
Narrated by: Daniel K. Isaac
Length: 8 hours 28 minutes

An essay collection exploring his education as a man, writer, and activist—and how we form our identities in life and in art.

As a novelist, Alexander Chee has been described as “masterful” by Roxane Gay, “incendiary” by the New York Times, and “brilliant” by the Washington Post. With How to Write an Autobiographical Novel, his first collection...

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No One Asked for This


By Cazzie David
Narrated by: Cazzie David, James Langton & Gabra Zackman
Length: 7 hours 53 minutes

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!"Blisteringly honest...kind of like if a David Sedaris book was written by an anxiety-ridden millennial who grew up in Hollywood." —Entertainment Weekly"Cazzie David is the delicious antidote to the poison of basic influencer culture. This book will make all misanthropes feel seen and loved--well, seen and...

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Antiracist Baby

By Ibram X. Kendi
Narrated by: Shayna Small & Guy Lockard
Length: 4 minutes

From the National Book Award-winning author of Stamped from the Beginning and How to Be an Antiracist comes a fresh new audiobook that empowers parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves, now with added discussion prompts to help listeners recognize and reflect on bias in their daily lives.

Featured on Good Morning... Read more »

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A Novel

By Bryan Washington
Narrated by: Bryan Washington & Akie Kotabe
Length: 8 hours 19 minutes


“This quiet character driven novel truly illustrates the complexities of relationships. From friends, lovers, parents and acquaintances, and how one presents themselves differently in each setting. I listened to this and it was just beautifully narrated by the author and Akie Kotabe and you are instantly transported to Texas and Japan in both Mike and Benson's world. ”

Belmont Books image Audrey, Belmont Books
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All the Stars and Teeth

All the Stars and Teeth Duology: Book #1

By Adalyn Grace
Narrated by: Shayna Small
Length: 12 hours 24 minutes

“Fierce and unrelenting…Do yourself a favor and get lost in this beautiful book!” — Tomi Adeyemi, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Children of Blood and Bone

"Narrator Shayna Small delivers a versatile performance in this young adult fantasy filled with mermaids and magic." -- AudioFile Magazine

Set in a kingdom where danger lurks beneath...

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The Hill We Climb

An Inaugural Poem for the Country

By Amanda Gorman
Narrated by: Amanda Gorman & Oprah Winfrey
Length: 9 minutes

Amanda Gorman’s powerful and historic poem “The Hill We Climb,” read at President Joe Biden’s inauguration

“Stunning.” —CNN 
“Dynamic.” —NPR
“Deeply rousing and uplifting.” —Vogue

On January 20, 2021, Amanda Gorman became the sixth and youngest poet to deliver a poetry reading at a presidential inauguration. Taking the stage after the 46th... Read more »

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Second First Impressions

A Novel

By Sally Thorne
Narrated by: Jennifer Jill Araya
Length: 10 hours 20 minutes

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Hating Game and 99 Percent Mine comes the clever, funny, and unforgettable story of a muscular, tattooed man hired as an assistant to two old women—under the watchful eye of a beautiful retirement home manager.

Dazzle (n): Brightness that blinds someone temporarily. 

Position Vacant: Two ancient old...

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Hitler and Stalin

The Tyrants and the Second World War

By Laurence Rees
Narrated by: John Sackville
Length: 18 hours 17 minutes

An award-winning historian plumbs the depths of Hitler and Stalin's vicious regimes, and shows the extent to which they brutalized the world around them.
Two 20th century tyrants stand apart from all the rest in terms of their ruthlessness and the degree to which they changed the world around them. Briefly allies during World War II, Adolph... Read more »

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By Richard Kelley
Narrated by: Will Damron
Length: 20 hours 49 minutes

*After watching the movie Jaws, you stayed out of the water. *
*After reading Deathstroke, you'll stay out of the forest.*

"Hurry! It's coming!" A desperate young mother shoves her infant son deep into a crevice between two logs. Will her baby survive? Will anyone? "Hurry! It's coming!"

That scene, and the hundreds of others like it, are everything...

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A Brief History of Humankind

By Yuval Noah Harari
Narrated by: Derek Perkins
Length: 15 hours 17 minutes


“I don't own many books. I read books and give them away. However, I will NOT be giving away my copy of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. It's a keeper! Sapiens was an intense read for me. I found myself taking breaks every dozen pages or so. Not because I was bored - just the opposite. I needed time to let the author's perspective on the history of our species (you, me, us!) sink in. Yuval Noah Harari is irreverent at times and makes mind-blowing assertions in his book. You may not agree with all of his theories, but what he claims will make you see yourself as the animal you are in a refreshing new light. It's even possible that after you read Sapiens your view of the human condition will have shifted dramatically. Superbly translated from the original Hebrew into English by the author himself, Sapiens is accessible to readers of all types of non-fiction and fiction alike.”

The Bookloft image Catherine, The Bookloft
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The Echo Wife

By Sarah Gailey
Narrated by: Xe Sands
Length: 8 hours 25 minutes

If you enjoyed Dark Matter, then you’ll love The Echo Wife.

“Upon first reading the publisher's marketing for this title my thoughts were, ‘That sounds really messed up...I want to read it.’ The events that unfold are filled with suspense, moments of horror, and bring to light the ever recurring question: What makes us human? Upon finishing this title my thoughts rang true to my expectations: ‘That was really messed up,’ but it is well worth the read.”

Paragraphs Bookstore image Maxwell, Paragraphs Bookstore
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