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Audiobooks for Kids Zero to Five

Audiobooks for Kids Zero to Five

Looking for an audiobook for your snuggly three-year-old or rambunctious five-year-old? We’ve got a whole list of selections suggested by our partner bookstores to best fit your child’s needs.

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Eyes That Speak to the Stars

By Joanna Ho
Narrated by: Justin Chien
Length: 5 minutes

New York Times bestselling team Joanna Ho and Dung Ho present Eyes That Speak to the Stars, companion to the acclaimed Eyes That Kiss in the Corners.

“A brilliant treatise to love of self and heritage.” —School Library Journal (starred review)

“A beautifully validating book that builds on the necessary work of its predecessor.” —Kirkus

A young...

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The Legend of the Christmas Witch

By Dan Murphy & Aubrey Plaza
Narrated by: Aubrey Plaza
Length: 40 minutes

The Legend of the Christmas Witch

“A charming, whimsical, and chilly tale of yuletide. Grab some comfy socks and maybe some pine needle tea to listen to the ever- wonderful Aubrey Plaza tell you the story of the twin sister of Santa Clause. It's utterly enchanting.”

MATTER image Conner, MATTER
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Stacey’s Extraordinary Words

By Stacey Abrams
Narrated by: Stacey Abrams
Length: 14 minutes

The debut picture book from iconic voting rights advocate and #1 New York Times bestselling author Stacey Abrams is an inspiring tale of determination, based on her own childhood. 

Stacey is a little girl who loves words more than anything. She loves reading them, sounding them out, and finding comfort in them when things are hard. 

But when her...

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Julián Stories

Julián Is a Mermaid & Julián at the Wedding

By Jessica Love
Narrated by: Avi Roque
Length: 13 minutes

Julián Is a Mermaid While riding the subway home from the pool with his abuela one day, Julián notices three women spectacularly dressed up. Their hair billows in brilliant hues, their dresses end in fishtails, and their joy fills the train car. When Julián gets home, daydreaming of the magic he’s seen, all he can think about is dressing up just... Read more »

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Flying Free

How Bessie Coleman's Dreams Took Flight

By Karyn Parsons
Narrated by: Karyn Parsons
Length: 16 minutes

Based on Karyn Parson's critically acclaimed Sweet Blackberry video series comes the story of Bessie Coleman, the first African American female to earn her pilot's license.
Before Bessie Coleman blazed a high trail with her plane . . . Before she performed in death-defying flying shows that would earn her fame as "Queen Bess" . . . Before she... Read more »

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Where Three Oceans Meet

By Rajani LaRocca
Narrated by: Subhadra Newton
Length: 16 minutes

A child, mother, and grandmother travel together all the way to the southern tip of India, celebrating multigenerational love and the beauty of the country along the way. Read more »

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Gladys the Magic Chicken

By Adam Rubin
Narrated by: Adam Rubin
Length: 14 minutes

From the mega-bestselling author of Dragons Love Tacos and the mega-bestselling illustrator of The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors, comes this hilarious new picture book about an irresistible chicken who unexpectedly finds herself on an epic journey during Ancient Times, adaped for audio.

Gladys the chicken must be magic. After all, for everyone... Read more »

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Amos McGee Misses the Bus

By Philip C. Stead
Narrated by: Ell Potter
Length: 5 minutes

10 years after the phenomenally successful, Caldecott Medal-winning classic, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, we get to meet back up with the gang in a brand new, heartwarming story.

Amos McGee, a friendly zookeeper, is very considerate and always on time. But after a late night planning a surprise for all his friends, Amos is tired. So tired that he...

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Our Table

By Peter H. Reynolds
Narrated by: Peter H. Reynolds
Length: 10 minutes

Celebrated, bestselling creator Peter H. Reynolds brings his signature touch of love and kindness to this special, timely story, as families now, more than ever, are rediscovering and reevaluating what means the most: time together with one another. Violet longs for the time when her family was connected: before life, distractions, and... Read more »

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Roxy the Unisaurus Rex Presents: Oh No! The Talent Show

By Eva Chen
Narrated by: Eva Chen
Length: 3 minutes

This program is read by the author.

In Roxy the Unisaurus Rex Presents: Oh No! The Talent Show, Instagram superstar and New York Times-bestselling author of Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes Eva Chen sends listeners on a second adventure of self-discovery alongside Roxy and her friends.

Come one, come all to a talent show of PREHISTORIC...

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Child of the Civil Rights Movement

By Paula Young Shelton
Narrated by: Paula Young Shelton
Length: 25 minutes

What was it like growing up in the Deep South when Jim Crow laws were everywhere? How did it feel to sit down to dinner with grown-ups who planned protests between bites of Mama’s creamy macaroni and cheese?And imagine walking right beside Uncle Martin and Aunt Coretta in that historic march from Selma to Montgomery—until your legs were so... Read more »

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Becoming Vanessa

By Vanessa Brantley-Newton
Narrated by: Vanessa Brantley-Newton
Length: 6 minutes

Get ready to go back to school with this inclusive, empathetic story that will help kids new to the classroom transform from timid caterpillars into beautiful butterflies who love exactly who they are!

On Vanessa's first day of school, her parents tell her it will be easy to make friends. Vanessa isn't so sure. She wears her fanciest... Read more »

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My Two Border Towns

By David Bowles
Narrated by: Oscar Emmanuel Fabela
Length: 6 minutes

A picture book debut, adapted for audio, by an award-winning author about a boy's life on the U.S.-Mexico border, visiting his favorite places on The Other Side with his father, spending time with family and friends, and sharing in the responsibility of community care.

Early one Saturday morning, a boy prepares for a trip to The Other Side/El... Read more »

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The People Remember

By Ibi Zoboi
Narrated by: Ibi Zoboi & Robin Miles
Length: 24 minutes

From award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Ibi Zoboi comes her debut book—a tour de force that uses the principles of Kwanzaa to talk about the history of African Americans.

The People Remember tells the journey of African descendants in America by connecting their history to the seven principles of Kwanzaa. It begins in Africa, where...

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Bodies Are Cool

By Tyler Feder
Narrated by: Tyler Feder
Length: 3 minutes

This body positivity book for preschoolers is a joyful listen.

From the way a body jiggles to the scars a body bears, this book is a pure celebration of all the different human bodies that exist in the world. Highlighting the various skin tones, body shapes, and hair types is just the beginning in this truly inclusive audiobook. With its... Read more »

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Someone Builds the Dream

By Lisa Wheeler
Narrated by: Mark Bramhall
Length: 6 minutes

Buildings, bridges, and books don't exist without the workers who are often invisible in the final product, as this joyous and profound adapted-for-audio picture book reveals from acclaimed author of The Christmas Boot Lisa Wheeler and New York Times bestselling illustrator of Love Loren Long

All across this great big world, jobs are getting... Read more »

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Milo Imagines the World

By Matt de la Peña
Narrated by: Dion Graham
Length: 8 minutes

The team behind the Newbery Medal winner and Caldecott Honor book Last Stop on Market Street and the award-winning New York Times bestseller Carmela Full of Wishes once again delivers a poignant and timely children's book that's sure to become an instant classic.

Milo is on a long subway ride with his older sister. To pass the time, he studies... Read more »

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Mommy's Khimar

By Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
Narrated by: Robin Eller
Length: 10 minutes

A khimar is a flowing scarf that my mommy wears.Before she walks out the door each day, she wraps one around her head.A young girl plays dress-up with her mother’s headscarves, feeling her mother’s love with every one she tries on. Charming and vibrant, this portrait of a young Muslim American girl’s life showcases the beauty of a diverse and...

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I Am Every Good Thing

By Derrick Barnes
Narrated by: Joshua David Scarlett
Length: 4 minutes

An upbeat, empowering, important audiobook from the team that created the award-winning Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut

I am
a nonstop ball of energy.
Powerful and full of light.
I am a go-getter. A difference maker. A leader.

The confident Black narrator of this book is proud of everything that makes him who he is. He's got big plans, and no doubt... Read more »

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Julián at the Wedding


By Jessica Love
Length: 7 minutes

Julián and his abuela are going to a wedding. Better yet, Julián is in the wedding. Weddings have flowers and kissing and dancing and cake. And this wedding also has a new friend named Marisol. It’s not long before Julián and Marisol set off for some magic and mischief of their own, and when things take an unexpected turn, the pair learns that...

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