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SSR Author Guests!

SSR Author Guests!

The SSR Podcast has been lucky enough to host so many awesome authors as guests! Check out their audiobooks here.

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The Book of the Unnamed Midwife

The Road to Nowhere: Book #1

By Meg Elison
Narrated by: Angela Dawe
Length: 9 hours 14 minutes

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2016 and Philip K. Dick Award Winner

When she fell asleep, the world was doomed. When she awoke, it was dead.

In the wake of a fever that decimated the earth’s population—killing women and children and making childbirth deadly for the mother and infant—the midwife must pick her way through the bones of the world...

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Wings of Fire: Legends: Book #2

By Tui T. Sutherland
Narrated by: Shannon McManus
Length: 12 hours 43 minutes

For decades dragons have wondered how three small scavengers managed to kill Queen Oasis. Until now. Travel back to before the War of SandWing Succession, and experience Pyrrhia as we've never seen it before -- through the eyes of humans. Read more »

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Nontoxic, Expensive Ideas that Will Make You Look Ridiculous and Feel Pretentious

By Gabrielle Moss
Narrated by: Tavia Gilbert
Length: 4 hours 15 minutes

A wickedly funny, full-color, illustrated sendup of the trendy lifestyle publication GOOP.

What is Glop?

Glop is a business and a website. But Glop is also a feeling. It’s about picking the right expensive organic eye cream that will make you fit seamlessly into the top tiers of high society and sits next to Bono at a 42-course seitan tasting...

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A Girl's Guide to Joining the Resistance

A Feminist Handbook on Fighting for Good

By Emma Gray
Narrated by: Andi Arndt
Length: 2 hours 53 minutes

"If not you, then who?  If not now, then when? We need more women to speak up and make their voices heard. Young women have valuable experiences and perspectives.  We need you in this fight.” Senator Elizabeth Warren, from a Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance


So—the presidential election of 2016 happened. You cried, you ranted, you marched....

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Fed Up

Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward

By Gemma Hartley
Narrated by: Therese Plummer
Length: 8 hours 22 minutes

A rousing call to arms, packed with surprising insights, that explores how carrying "the mental load"—the thankless day-to-day anticipating of needs and solving of problems large and small—is adversely affecting women’s lives and feeding gender inequality, and shows the way forward for better balancing our lives.

Launching a heated national...

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Text Me When You Get Home

The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship

By Kayleen Schaefer
Narrated by: Lauren Fortgang
Length: 6 hours 49 minutes

"Text Me has the thrills and laughs of a romantic comedy, but with an inverted message: 'There just isn't only one love story in our lives,' Schaefer writes. If you're lucky, friends will be the protagonists in these multiple love stories. It's high time that we start seeing it that way."--NPR, 2018's Great Reads

A personal and sociological...
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The Herd

A Novel

By Andrea Bartz
Narrated by: Karissa Vacker & Emily Woo Zeller
Length: 10 hours 59 minutes

Why did the founder of a glamorous coworking space for women disappear? Her best friends will risk everything to uncover the truth in this “propulsive thriller” (Marie Claire) from the New York Times bestselling author of the Reese’s Book Club pick We Were Never Here.

“Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies.”—The Washington Post

NAMED ONE OF THE... Read more »

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They Wish They Were Us

By Jessica Goodman
Narrated by: Kristen Sieh
Length: 9 hours 46 minutes


“A pristine infusion of Gossip Girl and Netflix's Elite, this prep-school thriller has it all: plaid skirts, secret societies, and a gripping murder mystery, but paired with an adept critique of the powers and privileges that goeth before the fall.”...
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I Wanna Be Where You Are

By Kristina Forest
Narrated by: Jeanette Illidge
Length: 7 hours 7 minutes

A debut young adult rom-com about an African American ballerina who finds love on the road to an audition.

"Chloe's determination to be a professional ballerina is palpable in Jeanette Illidge's narration of this realistic YA romance...Dancers and non-dancers alike will enjoy this romance and root for Chloe and Eli to get together." —...

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There Will Come a Darkness

The Age of Darkness: Book #1

By Katy Rose Pool
Narrated by: Todd Boyce
Length: 14 hours 7 minutes

Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows meets Kristin Cashore's Graceling, with a dash of Winter is Coming, in this showstopping debut YA fantasy!

“A can’t miss debut from an exciting new talent.” –Kiersten White, New York Times bestselling author of Slayer

The Age of Darkness approaches.
Five lives stand in its way.
Who will stop it . . . or unleash it?


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The Tenth Girl

By Sara Faring
Narrated by: Frankie Corzo & Mark Sanderlin
Length: 15 hours 35 minutes

The Tenth Girl

The Tenth Girl is a story of a haunted school where nothing is as it seems and no one is safe. This is perfect for anyone who loves a good ghost story and enjoys surprising twists that turn everything you think you know on its head. Whatever you think you've got figured out, you don't! ”

Rediscovered Books image Dany, Rediscovered Books
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True Love in and out of the Kitchen

By Hannah Howard
Narrated by: Hannah Howard
Length: 8 hours 5 minutes

The compulsively readable memoir of a woman at war—with herself, with her body, and with food—while working her way through the underbelly of New York City’s glamorous culinary scene.

Hannah Howard is a Columbia University freshman when she lands a hostess job at Picholine, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan. Eighteen years old and eager...

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Thirty-Life Crisis

Navigating My Thirties, One Drunk Baby Shower at a Time

By Lisa Schwartz
Narrated by: Lisa Schwartz
Length: 6 hours 4 minutes

A hilarious essay collection perfect for anyone dealing with the challenges, indignities, and celebrations that come with being a thirty-something by actor and YouTube star Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug).

Lisa Schwartz's stories and musings are all about watching her friends adult like pros, while she tries to understand why she doesn't want or can't... Read more »

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Paperback Crush

The Totally Radical History of '80s and '90s Teen Fiction

By Gabrielle Moss
Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller
Length: 4 hours 53 minutes

A hilarious and nostalgic trip through the history of paperback pre-teen series of the '80s and '90s

Every twenty- or thirty-something woman knows these books. The pink covers, the flimsy paper, the zillion volumes in the series that kept you reading for your entire adolescence. Spurred by the commercial success of Sweet Valley High and The...

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New Erotica for Feminists

Satirical Fantasies of Love, Lust, and Equal Pay

By Caitlin Kunkel, Brooke Preston, Fiona Taylor & Carrie Wittmer
Narrated by: Soneela Nankani
Length: 1 hours 19 minutes

Based off of the viral McSweeney's piece "New Erotica for Feminists"

He calls me into his office and closes the door . . . to promote me. He promotes me again and again. I am wild with ecstasy.

Imagine a world where erotica was written by feminists: Their daydreams include equal pay, a gender-balanced Congress, and Tom Hardy arriving at their... Read more »

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The Lost Night

A Novel

By Andrea Bartz
Narrated by: Kristen Sieh, Brittany Pressley, Will Damron, Fred Berman & MacLeod Andrews
Length: 10 hours 16 minutes

What really happened the night Edie died? Years later, her best friend Lindsay will learn how unprepared she is for the truth in this “impressive debut” (People) from the New York Times bestselling author of the Reese’s Book Club pick We Were Never Here.

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY BuzzFeed Glamour Real Simple Marie Claire •...
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Spend $15 or more at an independent bookstore and get a free audiobook! Learn more