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Celebrate Pride

Although LGBTQIA+ pride is all year long, Pride month serves as a period to further amplify, honor, and fight for LGBTQIA+ voices and stories. Below, find audiobooks, explore playlists, and get to know LGBTQIA+ owned bookstores.

Support queer-owned bookstores

Find a bookstore near you.

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LGBTQIA+ fiction

Get lost in our fiction LGBTQIA+ audiobooks, from fantasy to mystery, romance to thriller, and everything in between.

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LGBTQIA+ nonfiction

Take a dive into memoirs, history, self-improvement, essays and beyond with our selection of nonfiction LGBTQIA+ audiobooks.

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Protect LGBTQIA+ rights

With legislation across the country implementing bans on books and gender affirming care, thereโ€™s plenty we can do to fight for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Learn about bills being passed.

By seeing what bills at a local, state, and national level are impacting the LGBTQIA+ community, we can better take action.

Track bills

Contact your legislators.

Show your support for LGBTQIA+ rights by contacting your Congress reps and Senator(s).

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Donate or volunteer.

Whether grassroot or national organizations supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

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As a Social Purpose Corporation and 100% employee-owned company, we pursue both social and financial goals in the for-profit context, even if those social goals may at times conflict with the corporationโ€™s financial interests. We release an annual report outlining our efforts and progress.


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Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with giveaways, merch, and more! Learn more