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Libro.fm referral program

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Support local bookstores by referring friends and family to Libro.fm. They’ll get their first month for free, and you’ll get a free audiobook after their first paid month of membership.

Two simple steps:

Step 1

Refer a friend

Refer Libro.fm to friends and family by email, via social media, or with your unique referral link.

Step 1

Earn free audiobooks

When they create a membership and pay their first full month, you get a free audiobook!

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Who qualifies?


All Libro.fm customers

If you have Libro.fm account, you are ready to start referring and earning free audiobooks.



Want to earn free audiobooks while on the job? Just enter your customer email addresses, and we’ll do the rest.


Podcasters, bloggers, and more!

Do you talk about audiobooks online? Share your unique link with your followers and earn free audiobooks!

More questions?

Need a bit more detail on how this all works? Check out the Knowledge Base.