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When you make the #AudiobookSwitch from Audible to Libro.fm, you’ll support your local bookstore and get two audiobooks for the price of one when you start your membership. That’s two audiobooks for $14.99 when you use the code SWITCH.

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This is why real people decided to choose Libro.fm.

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Libro.fm Audible
Over 150,000 audiobooks to choose from
First month/audiobook is free—or use the code SWITCH to get two audiobooks for the price of one
$14.99 monthly fee (includes one audiobook per month)
30% off additional audiobooks and gifted audiobooks
Free iOS and Android apps
Easy returns
Gift specific audiobooks and memberships
Membership credits never expire
Hold or cancel membership and keep your credits
Every purchase supports independent bookstores
DRM-free downloads (own your audiobooks)
Recommendations from expert booksellers
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Top 7 reasons to make the #AudiobookSwitch

Plenty of people are making the #AudiobookSwitch—choosing Libro.fm and their local, independent bookstore over Amazon’s Audible. Why? We were hoping you’d ask:

Support local bookstores

When you choose Libro.fm, you get to purchase audiobooks directly through your local bookstore of choice.

Enjoy expert bookseller recommendations

Libro.fm offers real recommendations from real people, rather than algorithms which might be unreliable or harmful.

Own your audiobooks

We offer 100% DRM-free downloads. With Libro.fm, you actually own each audiobook purchased and have the freedom to download and listen on any device you like. Read more about our “cage-free” audiobooks.

Get a free audiobook

Make the #AudiobookSwitch and get one free audiobook when you start a monthly membership. That’s $14.99 for two audiobooks with the code SWITCH.

Talk to real people

Libro.fm is staffed by real people who love local bookstores, audiobooks, and customers. Reach us at hello@libro.fm, and we will get back to you, day or night.

Create local jobs

When you support your local bookstore, you’re supporting the individuals who work there.

Support local bookstores

We think this reason deserves two mentions. Find your local bookstore and get started.

We know breakups can be tough. Here’s a letter from someone that did the hard work for you.

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Check out our Knowledge Base or contact us at hello@libro.fm and a real, audiobook-loving human will get back to you.