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Now’s a great time to shop indie. When you start a new membership supporting Blue Willow Bookshop with promo code SWITCH, we’ll give you two bonus audiobook credits at sign-up.

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Support local bookstores

We share profits with independent bookstores, who help build community and create local jobs.


Bookseller picks

Real booksellers write our recommendations, not algorithms.


You own your audiobooks

We offer 100% DRM-free downloads. This means you actually own each audiobook purchased, and have the freedom to download and listen on any device you like.


Real people, always

When you email support at, you are always communicating with a real human being. Our team is full of bookworms who love reading as much as you do.


We are listening

When you give us feedback, we listen. Reader requests drive our tech updates to improve your listening experience.


We’re a Social Purpose Corporation

As an SPC, we can make business decisions that aren’t solely for financial gain. Read our reports.

Compare to Audible Audible
Over 450,000 audiobooks to choose from
Includes one audiobook credit per month
30% off additional audiobooks and gifted audiobooks
Free iOS (including Apple Watch) and Android apps
Ability to redeem credits in-app on iOS and Android
Every purchase supports Blue Willow Bookshop
Membership credits never expire
Real people on support—no bots, ever
Keep your credits when you hold or cancel
DRM-free downloads (you own your audiobooks!)
Recommendations and playlists from expert booksellers
Helps create local jobs and keep more money in your community
Employee-owned small business and Social Purpose Corporation
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Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with giveaways, merch, and more! Learn more

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