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Get a free audiobook when you start a new membership.

Receive 2 audiobook credits for $14.99 USD with your first month of membership. Credits can be used on your choice of more than 450,000 audiobooks on

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Start your membership

After your first month, you’ll pay $14.99 USD for one audiobook credit per month, and each payment supports local bookstores. Members also receive 30% off when buying audiobooks à la carte. Pause or cancel at anytime and keep your audiobooks.

Membership benefits

Includes one audiobook per month

You’ll be charged $14.99 USD plus tax per month for one audiobook credit.

30% off additional audiobooks

Members receive 30% off à la carte audiobook purchases, including individual gifts.

No strings (or bookmarks) attached

Hold or cancel your membership anytime. You’ll keep your audiobooks and unused credits.

Easy returns

It’s free and easy for members to return audiobooks. Simply email

We reserve the right to limit the number of returns in order to prevent abuse of this policy.

Support local bookstores is an employee-owned Social Purpose Corporation that shares profits from your audiobook purchases with your chosen bookstore, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy.

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Why choose

  • Your audiobook purchases support local bookstores
  • Catalog of over 450,000 audiobooks, including bestsellers
  • Expert picks from booksellers
  • Free iOS and Android listening apps
  • DRM-free downloads (own your audiobooks)
  • Dedicated customer support at
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Membership details

  • Each month, you receive one audiobook credit in exchange for an automatic monthly charge to your credit card. Your membership provides ongoing support for local bookstores.
  • Audiobook credits from your membership can be used on your choice of over 450,000 audiobooks, regardless of list price. (Note: Certain audiobooks cannot be purchased with credits due to publisher restrictions.)
  • Audiobook credits never expire and can be used on gifts.
  • As a member, you receive 30% off additional à la carte audiobook purchases, including gifts.
  • You can place your membership on hold or cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks and unused credits.


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