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Poetry bestsellers

The top 50 Poetry audiobooks on based on sales from our 1,300+ partner bookstore locations.

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Bestseller #1

The Hill We Climb

An Inaugural Poem for the Country

By Amanda Gorman & Oprah Winfrey
Narrated by: Amanda Gorman & Oprah Winfrey
Length: 9 minutes

Amanda Gorman’s powerful and historic poem “The Hill We Climb,” read at President Joe Biden’s inauguration

“Stunning.” —CNN 
“Dynamic.” —NPR
“Deeply rousing and uplifting.” —Vogue

On January 20, 2021, Amanda Gorman became the sixth and youngest poet to deliver a poetry reading at a presidential inauguration. Taking the stage after the 46th... Read more »

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Bestseller #2

Black Girl, Call Home

By Jasmine Mans
Narrated by: Jasmine Mans
Length: 1 hours 50 minutes

Black Girl, Call Home

“This collection. Have you ever closed a book and suddenly felt that all that you are, all that you've seen has somehow been made tangible through another's voice? Have you ever felt called in to let go, to be heard, and to be seen? That is what Mans has done here. I will forever hold onto the beautiful ways in which Jasmine pulls apart and gives life to the tiny variables which contribute to the formulation of one's blackness, queerness, and womanhood. ”

WORD Bookstores image Deidre, WORD Bookstores
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Bestseller #3

Milk and Honey

By Rupi Kaur
Narrated by: Rupi Kaur
Length: 1 hours 6 minutes

Milk and Honey

“I want to be someone who gets poetry, but I don’t always. I’d been meaning to try this one, though, since it’s been selling like the proverbial hot cakes — presumably also to people who aren’t really usually into poetry. When I was browsing at Green Apple Books in San Francisco, it jumped out at me, and I sat in the hipster café down the road and started reading. The poetry collection is in four parts — the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing — and I expected to just read one of the parts, but once I’d started I couldn’t stop. Some of these poems, often the shortest ones, which are just two or three lines long, blew me away and put words to feelings I’m always trying to write about. I’m excited to see what Rupi Kaur does next.”

East City Bookshop image Claire, East City Bookshop
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Bestseller #4

At Blackwater Pond

Mary Oliver reads Mary Oliver

By Mary Oliver
Narrated by: Mary Oliver
Length: 1 hours

Mary Oliver has published twenty-one volumes of poetry and six books of prose in the span of five decades, but she rarely performs her poetry in live readings. With At Blackwater Pond, Mary Oliver gives her audience what they've longed to hear: the poet's voice reading her own work. In this audio, she has recorded forty of her favorite poems,... Read more »

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Bestseller #5

Many Miles

Mary Oliver reads Mary Oliver

By Mary Oliver
Narrated by: Mary Oliver
Length: 41 minutes

Following the success of At Blackwater Pond, this second audio reccording from bestselling poet Mary Oliver contains a selection of thirty-seven previously published poems and four new, read by the poet in her steady, magnetic voice. Oliver recites from the full range of her poetry—from her classic nature writing to her verses for her... Read more »

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Bestseller #6

The Death of Sitting Bear

New and Selected Poems

By N. Scott Momaday
Narrated by: N. Scott Momaday
Length: 2 hours 28 minutes

The Death of Sitting Bear

“From Pulitzer Prize-winning author (House Made of Dawn in 1969), Oklahoma Centennial State Poet Laureate, and acclaimed artist N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa) comes a new collection of more than 100 new and selected poems in The Death of Sitting Bear. Presented in three parts, some poems are quick tributes to natural phenomenon but made no less impactful for their brevity. Simple moments – the sound of fry bread sizzling in childhood – are exquisitely detailed. Complex questions about the nature of animals and humans and their meanings and representations to each other are explored. God, as an entity, as a spirit, as in nature, is called upon. Other pieces are long form poetic narratives, such as Part II, A Century of Impressions, which detail an era in “one hundred haiku/elemental exercise/to nourish the mind.” The titular poem, The Death of Sitting Bear, gives voice to the great man himself in stanzas of poetic prose, detailing Sitting Bull’s life and death as an elite Kaitsenko warrior. Firmly steeped in Kiowa heritage and indigenous oral storytelling traditions, Momaday breathes in the spirit of the Southwest and breathes out masterful imagery onto the page. The poems beg to be read aloud in order to savor the taste of the language, each word carefully chosen to evoke shape, sound, sight, feeling, and history with the weight of its intention: “a blackbird holds still/in the center of sight/and I cannot/look away."”

River Dog Book Co. image BrocheAroe, River Dog Book Co.
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Bestseller #7

Dog Songs

Deluxe Edition

By Mary Oliver
Narrated by: Mary Oliver
Length: 1 hours 24 minutes

A New York Times bestselling collection of new and favorite poems,
celebrating the dogs that have enriched the poet’s world

Beloved by her readers, special to the poet’s own heart, Mary Oliver’s dog poems offer a special window into her world. Dog Songs collects some of the most cherished poems together with new works, offering a portrait of... Read more »

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Bestseller #8

The Poetry Remedy

Prescriptions for the Heart, Mind, and Soul

By William Sieghart
Narrated by: William Sieghart
Length: 4 hours 12 minutes

The US edition of the bestselling The Poetry Pharmacy

A beautiful collection of curated poems each individually selected to provide hope, comfort, and inspiration—for all of life's most difficult moments

Sometimes only a poem will do. These poetic prescriptions and wise words of advice are tailored to those moments in life when we need them... Read more »

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Social Purpose Annual Report

Social Purpose Annual Report

As we look to the future as a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re committed to serving readers and independent bookstores. Read our 2020 Annual Report to see an overview of the year.

Read the Report
Bestseller #9

If They Come for Us


By Fatimah Asghar
Narrated by: Fatimah Asghar
Length: 1 hours 22 minutes

If They Come for Us

“Raw, but not unpolished. Dripping with sadness and honey. Rage beyond anger, a lesson in history and violence. A comprehensible example of otherness in America for those who haven’t experienced it; for those who don’t know they’re perpetuating it. An honest portrayal of a life shaped by governments’ omissions, of the lies of the self and others, and of waking to the daylight, the promise held in sunshine, and in finding one’s own voice, own words, own way of telling one’s own story.”

River Dog Book Co. image BrocheAroe, River Dog Book Co.
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Bestseller #10

An American Sunrise


By Joy Harjo
Narrated by: Joy Harjo
Length: 1 hours 40 minutes

A stunning new volume from the first Native American Poet Laureate of the United States, informed by her tribal history and connection to the land.

In the early 1800s, the Mvskoke people were forcibly removed from their original lands east of the Mississippi to Indian Territory, which is now part of Oklahoma. Two hundred years later, Joy Harjo... Read more »

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Bestseller #11

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass

By Lana Del Rey
Narrated by: Lana Del Rey
Length: 38 minutes

The New York Times bestselling debut book of poetry from Lana Del Rey, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass.

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is the title poem of the book and the first poem I wrote of many. Some of which came to me in their entirety, which I dictated and then typed out, and some that I worked laboriously picking apart each... Read more »

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Bestseller #12



By Danez Smith
Narrated by: Danez Smith
Length: 1 hours 32 minutes


“In their third collection, Danez Smith shakes to life the parts of people that have gone to sleep waiting for this time in the world to be over. Those emotions that raise up too much anger or grief — all of them are alive again and seen and spoken for with utmost care and a tremendously welcome sense of humor. Pick this book up and carry it with you everywhere. It can be like a video game heart for you, and who doesn’t need an extra heart?”

Moon Palace Books image Luis Lopez, Moon Palace Books
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Bestseller #13

The Tradition

By Jericho Brown
Narrated by: JD Jackson
Length: 59 minutes

Jericho Brown's daring new book The Tradition details the normalization of evil and its history at the intersection of the past and the personal. Brown's poetic concerns are both broad and intimate, and at their very core a distillation of the incredibly human: What is safety? Who is this nation? Where does freedom truly lie? Brown makes... Read more »

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Bestseller #14

What Kind of Woman


By Kate Baer
Narrated by: Kate Baer
Length: 1 hours 2 minutes

An Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller

"If you want your breath to catch and your heart to stop, turn to Kate Baer."--Joanna Goddard, Cup of Jo

A stunning and honest debut poetry collection about the beauty and hardships of being a woman in the world today, and the many roles we play - mother, partner, and friend.

“When life throws you a bag of... Read more »

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Bestseller #15

The Odyssey

Penguin Audio Classics

By Homer
Narrated by: Ian McKellen
Length: 13 hours 2 minutes

The Odyssey is literature's grandest evocation of every man's journey through life. In the myths and legends that are retold here, the energy and poetry of Homer's original is captured in a bold, contemporary idiom, giving us an edition of The Odyssey that is a joy to listen to, worth savoring treasuring for its sheer lyrical mastery. This... Read more »

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Bestseller #16

How a Poem Moves 

A Field Guide for Readers of Poetry

By Adam Sol
Narrated by: Adam Sol & Soraya Peerbaye
Length: 5 hours 22 minutes

A collection of playfully elucidating essays to help reluctant poetry readers become well-versed in verse

Developed from Adam Sol’s popular blog, How a Poem Moves is a collection of 35 short essays that walks readers through an array of contemporary poems. Sol is a dynamic teacher, and in these essays, he has captured the humor and engaging... Read more »

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Bestseller #17

The Carrying

By Ada Limón
Narrated by: Ada Limón
Length: 1 hours 39 minutes

“Ada Limón’s new collection is her best yet, a much needed shot of if not hope, then perseverance amidst much uncertainty.”—NPR
From National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist Ada Limón comes The Carrying—her most powerful collection yet. Vulnerable, tender, acute, these are serious and brave poems, exploring with honesty... Read more »

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Bestseller #18

Keep Moving

Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change

By Maggie Smith
Narrated by: Maggie Smith
Length: 2 hours 14 minutes

Keep Moving

“Maggie Smith hits the nail on the head with her stunning book of quotes and essays. This inspiring read gives you the validation to address your feelings and the permission to move forward with a new outlook. Much like a talk with a good friend, you feel heard and comforted. I devoured this treasure in one sitting and am starting a list of everyone I want to share it with.”

Lake Forest Book Store image Maxwell Gregory, Lake Forest Book Store
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Bestseller #19


By Eve L. Ewing
Narrated by: Eve L. Ewing
Length: 1 hours 5 minutes

The Chicago Race Riot of 1919, the most intense of the riots comprising the nation’s Red Summer, has shaped the last century but is not widely discussed. In 1919, award-winning poet Eve L. Ewing explores the story of this event—which lasted eight days and resulted in thirty-eight deaths and almost 500 injuries—through poems recounting the... Read more »

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Bestseller #20

Seamus Heaney I Collected Poems (published 1966-1975)

Death of a Naturalist; Door into the Dark; Wintering Out; North

By Seamus Heaney
Narrated by: Seamus Heaney
Length: 3 hours 3 minutes

Volume One of the definitive collection of Seamus Heaney reading his own work, recorded in 2009 by RTE. Volume One contains four collections published between 1966 and 1975: Death of a Naturalist, Door into the Dark, Wintering Out and North. Read more »

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Bestseller #21

Good Poems - Abridged

Selected and Introduced by Garrison Keillor

By Various & Garrison Keillor
Narrated by: Ensemble cast & Garrison Keillor
Length: 4 hours 21 minutes

Every day people tune in to The Writer's Almanac on public radio and hear Garrison Keillor read them a poem. And here, for the first time, is an anthology of poems from the show, chosen by the narrator for their wit, their frankness, their passion, their "utter clarity in the face of everything else a person has to deal with at 7 a.m." Good... Read more »

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Bestseller #22

God I Feel Modern Tonight

Poems from a Gal About Town

By Catherine Cohen
Narrated by: Catherine Cohen
Length: 39 minutes

Poems of heartbreak and sex, self-care and self-critique, urban adventures and love on the road from the millennial quarantine queen and comedy sensation.
in L.A. we got naked and swam in the ocean
we ate cured meats and carrots
& sat in the back of a red pickup truck
like we were in a film where two old friends fight
& wrestle their... Read more »

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Bestseller #23

Counting Descent

By Clint Smith
Narrated by: Clint Smith
Length: 1 hours 1 minutes

Clint Smith's debut poetry collection, Counting Descent, is a coming of age story that seeks to complicate our conception of lineage and tradition. Smith explores the cognitive dissonance that results from belonging to a community that unapologetically celebrates black humanity while living in a world that often renders blackness a caricature of... Read more »

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Bestseller #24

Don't Call Us Dead


By Danez Smith
Narrated by: Danez Smith
Length: 1 hours 14 minutes

Finalist for the National Book Award for Poetry Winner of the Forward Prize for Best Collection

Award-winning poet Danez Smith is a groundbreaking force, celebrated for deft lyrics, urgent subjects, and performative power. Don't Call Us Dead opens with a heartrending sequence that imagines an afterlife for black men shot by police, a place... Read more »

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Bestseller #25

I Would Leave Me If I Could.

A Collection of Poetry

By Halsey
Narrated by: Halsey
Length: 1 hours 32 minutes


Grammy Award–nominated, platinum-selling musician Halsey is heralded as one of the most compelling voices of her generation. In I Would Leave Me If I Could, she reveals never-before-heard poetry of longing, love, and the nuances of bipolar disorder.

In this intimate audio performance of her debut collection, Halsey bares... Read more »

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Bestseller #26

A Fortune For Your Disaster


By Hanif Abdurraqib
Narrated by: Hanif Abdurraqib
Length: 1 hours 36 minutes

A Fortune For Your Disaster

“Pain. Peace. Power. A startlingly cohesive deep dive into grief and heartbreak and possibility that will sit with you through the hardest days and act at once as a mirror and window. This is one to sit with again and again, and revel in its interconnectedness. Beautifully narrated by the author.”

Second Star to the Right image Britt, Second Star to the Right
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Bestseller #27


By Tommy Pico
Narrated by: Tommy Pico
Length: 1 hours 45 minutes

RL is a sweaty, summertime poem composed like a long text message, rooted in the epic tradition of A.R. Ammons, ancient Kumeyaay Bird Songs, and Beyoncé’s visual albums. It follows Teebs, a reservation-born, queer NDN weirdo, trying to figure out his impulses/desires/history in the midst of Brooklyn rooftops, privacy in the age of the Internet,... Read more »

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Bestseller #28

A Little History of Poetry

The Little Histories Series

By John Carey
Narrated by: Ralph Lister
Length: 9 hours 51 minutes

A vital, engaging, and hugely enjoyable guide to poetry, from ancient times to the present, by one of our greatest champions of literature

What is poetry? If music is sound organized in a particular way, poetry is a way of organizing language. It is language made special so that it will be remembered and valued. It does not always work—over the... Read more »

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Bestseller #29

And Still I Rise

A Book of Poems

By Maya Angelou
Narrated by: Maya Angelou
Length: 22 minutes

Maya Angelou’s unforgettable collection of poetry lends its name to the documentary film about her life, And Still I Rise, as seen on PBS’s American Masters.
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my... Read more »

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Bestseller #30

The Iliad

The Fitzgerald Translation

By Robert Fitzgerald & Homer
Narrated by: Dan Stevens
Length: 13 hours 59 minutes

Since it was first published more than forty years ago, Robert Fitzgerald's prizewinning translation of Homer's battle epic has become a classic in its own right: a standard against which all other versions of The Iliad are compared. This definitive translation of Homer's epic is timeless in its authority and always fresh in its vivid rendering... Read more »

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Bestseller #31

Gilgamesh Retold

By Jenny Lewis
Narrated by: Jenny Lewis & Colin Still
Length: 1 hours 46 minutes

Jenny Lewis relocates Gilgamesh to its earlier, oral roots in a Sumerian society where men and women were more equal, the reigning deity of Gilgamesh’s city, Uruk, was female (Inanna), only women were allowed to brew beer and keep taverns and women had their own language – emesal. With this shift of emphasis, Lewis captures the powerful allure... Read more »

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Bestseller #32

The Essential T.S. Eliot

By T.S. Eliot
Narrated by: T.S. Eliot, Vijay Seshadri, Daniel Halpern, Willem Dafoe, Natasha Trethewey, Meghan O'Rourke, Natalie Diaz, Frank Bidart, Joy Harjo, Rosanna Warren, Emily Jungmin Yoon, Tracy K. Smith, Nicole Sealey, Jorie Graham, Kevin Young, Louise Gluck, Eileen Myles, Carol Muske-Dukes, Campbell McGrath & Robert Hass
Length: 3 hours 49 minutes

A selection of the most significant and enduring poems from one of the twentieth century’s major writers, chosen and introduced by Vijay Seshadri, performed by T.S. Eliot, Vijay Seshadri, Daniel Halpern, Willem Dafoe, Natasha Trethewey, Meghan O'Rourke, Natalie Diaz, Frank Bidart,  Joy Harjo, Rosanna Warren, Emily Jungmin Yoon, Tracy K. Smith,... Read more »

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Bestseller #33

Make Me Rain

Poems & Prose

By Nikki Giovanni
Narrated by: Nikki Giovanni
Length: 1 hours 40 minutes

Make Me Rain

“I would not call myself a poetry reader, but there is something about Nikki Giovanni’s poetry that speaks to me so deeply. Sentimental and comforting, Make Me Rain covers a wide range of topics, from quilts and rising bread to the social change we so desperately need in our world. Giovanni’s wisdom and understanding once again prove why she is such a poetic powerhouse and leave the reader wanting to explore her past work again, too.”

Bookmarks image Beth Seufer Buss, Bookmarks
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Bestseller #34

Earth Keeper

Reflections on the American Land

By N. Scott Momaday
Narrated by: N. Scott Momaday
Length: 51 minutes

“Earth Keeper is a prayer for continuity in these days of uncertainty. I cannot tell you why I loved this book, I can only tell you I wept my way through it. Each page brought me closer to myself, a self I had lost in the pandemic. We need Scott Momaday's calm, clear prose and stories. Words are medicine. There is wisdom in sharing what one... Read more »

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Bestseller #35

Heart Talk

Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life

By Cleo Wade
Narrated by: Cleo Wade
Length: 1 hours 34 minutes

A beautifully illustrated book from Cleo Wade—the artist, poet, and speaker who has been called “the Millennial Oprah” by New York magazine—that offers creative inspiration and life lessons through poetry, mantras, and affirmations, perfect for fans of the bestseller Milk & Honey.

True to her hugely popular Instagram account, Cleo Wade brings... Read more »

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Bestseller #36

The Iliad

A New Translation by Caroline Alexander

By Homer & Caroline Alexander
Narrated by: Dominic Keating
Length: 19 hours 46 minutes

With her virtuoso translation, classicist and bestselling author Caroline Alexander brings to life Homer’s timeless epic of the Trojan War

Composed around 730 B.C., Homer’s Iliad recounts the events of a few momentous weeks in the protracted ten-year war between the invading Achaeans, or Greeks, and the Trojans in their besieged city of Ilion.... Read more »

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Bestseller #37

All Along You Were Blooming

Thoughts for Boundless Living

By Morgan Harper Nichols
Narrated by: Morgan Harper Nichols
Length: 1 hours 47 minutes

A celebration of hope. An encounter with grace. A restoration of the heart. A healing of wounds. An anthem of freedom. All Along You Were Blooming is the ultimate love letter from the pen of popular Instagram poet Morgan Harper Nichols to your mind, heart, soul, and body.

On Instagram @morganharpernicols, Morgan has over a million followers. Fans... Read more »

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Bestseller #38

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

By Dante Alighieri
Narrated by: Suzanne Fowler, Dennis Wells, Rina Riley Anis Marsh, Talia Morton, Malcolm Cameron, Mollie Sanders, Kris Welch & June Sherman
Length: 12 hours 16 minutes

The Divine Comedy describes Dante's descent into Hell with Virgil as a guide; his ascent of Mount Purgatory and encounter with his dead love, Beatrice; and finally, his arrival in Heaven. Examining questions of faith, desire and enlightenment, the poem is a brilliantly nuanced and moving allegory of human redemption. Dante Alighieri was born in... Read more »

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Bestseller #39

The Odyssey

The Fitzgerald Translation

By D. S. Carne-Ross, Robert Fitzgerald & Homer
Narrated by: Dan Stevens
Length: 10 hours 15 minutes

"In classical Greece men called rhapsodes memorized and recited “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey.” My own rhapsode is the English actor Dan Stevens, whom fans of “Downton Abbey” will know as Matthew Crawley. He’s been performing the Robert Fitzgerald translation, and no Hellene could do it better." — Wall Street Journal

Robert Fitzgerald's... Read more »

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Bestseller #40

Nature Poem

By Tommy Pico
Narrated by: Tommy Pico
Length: 1 hours 19 minutes

A book-length poem about how an American Indian writer can't bring himself to write about nature, but is forced to reckon with colonial-white stereotypes, manifest destiny, and his own identity as an young, queer, urban-dwelling poet. Nature Poem follows Teebs—a young, queer, American Indian (or NDN) poet—who can't bring himself to write a... Read more »

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Bestseller #41



By Nate Marshall
Narrated by: Nate Marshall
Length: 1 hours 35 minutes

Sharp, lyrical poems celebrating the Black vernacular—its influence on pop culture, its necessity for familial survival, its rite in storytelling and in creating the safety found only within its intimacy

“Terrific . . . illuminates life in this country in a strikingly original way.”—Ron Charles, The Washington Post


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Bestseller #42

Postcolonial Love Poem


By Natalie Diaz
Narrated by: Natalie Diaz
Length: TBA

Postcolonial Love Poem, the brilliant second collection from Natalie Diaz, holds in its pages the urgent appeal for all bodies―bodies of lovers, family, enemies, as well as of language and rivers and land―to be held dearly. In her lyrical landscape, Diaz tenderly prods the wounds inflicted by America onto its Indigenous peoples. When she states... Read more »

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Bestseller #43

Space Struck

By Paige Lewis
Narrated by: Xe Sands
Length: 50 minutes

Space Struck

“Tremulous with star-pulsed stanzas as patiently alchemical as they are spontaneously acrobatic. . . [Lewis is] one of the most delightful, bewitching, and thoughtful voices I have ever encountered.”

Harvard Book Store image Benjamin, Harvard Book Store
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Bestseller #44

Be Straight with Me

By Emily Dalton
Narrated by: Kate Rudd
Length: 2 hours 58 minutes

Be Straight with Me is an unforgettable memoir-in-verse about a love that blurs the boundaries of gender and sexuality—told from the perspective of a young, straight woman who finds herself in a serious relationship with her gay male best friend. With unabashed honesty and piercing emotional clarity, Emily Dalton brings to life this timely, true... Read more »

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Bestseller #45

From Song of Myself (A Poem from The Poets' Corner)

The One-and-Only Poetry Book for the Whole Family

By Mr. John Lithgow
Length: 6 hours 30 minutes

From listening to his grandmother recite epic poems from memory to curling up in bed while his father read funny verses, award-winning actor John Lithgow grew up with poetry. Ever since, John has been an enthusiastic seeker of poetic experience, whether reading, reciting, or listening to great poems.

The wide variety of carefully selected... Read more »

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Bestseller #46

The Tradition

By Jericho Brown
Narrated by: Jericho Brown
Length: 1 hours 3 minutes

Winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Finalist for the 2019 National Book Award

Jericho Brown's daring book The Tradition details the normalization of evil and its history at the intersection of the past and the personal. Brown's poetic concerns are both broad and intimate, and at their very core a distillation of the incredibly human:... Read more »

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Bestseller #47

Little Big Bully

Penguin Poets

By Heid E. Erdrich
Narrated by: Heid E. Erdrich
Length: 1 hours 51 minutes

In a new collection that is "a force of nature" (Amy Gerstler), renowned Native poet Heid E. Erdrich applies her rich inventive voice and fierce wit to the deforming effects of harassment and oppression.

Little Big Bully begins with a question asked of a collective and troubled we - how did we come to this? In answer, this book offers personal... Read more »

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Bestseller #48

Great Goddesses

Life Lessons From Myths and Monsters

By Nikita Gill
Narrated by: Nikita Gill
Length: 4 hours 16 minutes

Bestselling poet, writer, and Instagram sensation Nikita Gill returns with a collection of poetry and prose retelling the legends of the Goddesses, both great and small, in their own words.

With lyrical prose and striking verse, beloved poet Nikita Gill (Fierce FairytalesWild Embers) uses the history of Ancient Greece and beyond to explore and... Read more »

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Bestseller #49

Whale Day

And Other Poems

By Billy Collins
Narrated by: Billy Collins
Length: 1 hours 24 minutes

A wondrous collection from Billy Collins, former U.S. Poet Laureate and New York Times bestselling author of The Rain in Portugal
“The poems are marked by [Collins’s] characteristic humor and arise out of small, banal moments, unearthing the extraordinary or uncanny in the everyday.”—The Wall Street Journal

Whale Day brings together more than... Read more »

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Bestseller #50

Nikki Giovanni: Love Poems & A Good Cry

What We Learn From Tears and Laughter

By Nikki Giovanni
Narrated by: Nikki Giovanni
Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

The poetry of Nikki Giovanni has spurred movements, turned hearts and informed generations. She’s been hailed as a firebrand, a radical, a healer, and a sage; a wise and courageous voice who has spoken out on the sensitive issues, including race and gender, that touch our national consciousness.


Love Poems: Nikki reads a stunning collection of... Read more »

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