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Language Bestsellers

The top 50 Language audiobooks on Libro.fm based on sales from our 1,000+ partner bookstore locations.

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  1. Consider This

    “After listening to the audiobook recording of Consider This, I felt invigorated enough that I almost thought, "Should I write a book?" I'm not a writer, but Palahniuk's tapestry of stories and advice for the craft feels so vibrant and useful that it makes the reader (or listener, in my case) feel prepared to venture into the world of writing, and it reminds us that the most powerful stories are the ones that bring out more stories in the people interacting with it. Palahniuk's words (read with exquisite energy by Edoardo Ballerini in the audiobook) combine his own experiences and advice with stories collected from readers, booksellers, agents, and other authors he's encountered over the years. Whether or not you're a writer, Consider This will engage, titillate, and at times frighten you.”

    One More Page image Lelia, One More Page
  2. By Rakim & Toure / Narrated by Rakim

    The musician and Hip Hop legend—hailed as “the greatest MC of all time” and compared to Thelonious Monk—reimagines the writing handbook in this memoir and guide that incorporates the soulful genius, confidence, and creativity of a master artist.

    When he exploded on the music scene, musical genius Rakim was hailed for his brilliant artistic style,... Read More »

  3. The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn English
    With Pimsleur you’ll become conversational in English — to understand and be understood — quickly and effectively. You’ll learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation together through conversation. And our scientifically proven program will help you remember what you’ve learned, so you can put it... Read More »

  4. Greek to Me

    “What a pleasure to again spend a few hours with Mary Norris. The author of Between You & Me is back with a second book, and this time her subject is all things Greek — the language, the people, the mythology, and the culture.Greek to Me recounts Norris’ experiences learning Greek and traveling the country while putting her new skills to the test. As in her first book, Norris is excellent company, spinning tales and charming readers. Blending memoir, history, and travel, all topped off with heaps of wordy nerdiness, Greek to Me is a joy to read.”

    Next Chapter Booksellers image David Enyeart, Next Chapter Booksellers
  5. By Colum McCann / Narrated by Colum McCann

    Letters to a Young Writer

    “Believe it or not, this audiobook is the first book by Colum McCann I have listened to, or read. McCann is an excellent narrator, and this book is the perfect one to listen to, rather than read. McCann's writing and philosophical advice is candid, supportive, and honest. Some of his best advice includes keeping your are in the chair, attacking the white page. doing relentless research your research, and reading widely and deeply. This book is truly a book for all writers, not just young writers or those new to the craft. Colum McCann is not only passionate on giving advice about writing, but he is adamant about the importance of writing in an uncertain time. Highly recommended.”

    Main Point Books image John, Main Point Books
  6. The first novel-writing guide from the best-selling Save the Cat! story-structure series, which reveals the 15 essential plot points needed to make any novel a success.

    Novelist Jessica Brody presents a comprehensive story-structure guide for novelists that applies the famed Save the Cat! screenwriting methodology to the world of novel writing.... Read More »

  7. By Stephen King / Narrated by Stephen King

    Immensely helpful and illuminating to any aspiring writer, this special edition of Stephen King’s critically lauded, million-copy bestseller shares the experiences, habits, and convictions that have shaped him and his work.

    “Long live the King” hailed Entertainment Weekly upon publication of Stephen King’s On Writing. Part memoir, part master... Read More »

  8. By Mary Norris / Narrated by Mary Norris

    Mary Norris has spent more than three decades in The New Yorker's copy department, maintaining its celebrated high standards. Now she brings her vast experience, good cheer, and finely sharpened pencils to help the rest of us in a boisterous language book as full of life as it is of practical advice. Between You & Me features Norris's... Read More »

  9. This remarkable and monumental book at last provides a comprehensive answer to the age-old riddle of whether there are only a small number of "basic stories" in the world. Using a wealth of examples, from ancient myths and folk tales via the plays and novels of great literature to the popular movies and TV soap operas of today, it shows that... Read More »

  10. Dreyer's English

    “Listening to this is so much fun. Dreyer has a droll wit—occasionally smug, in a charming way—and he turns grammar and style into an entertaining puzzle. And this stuff really does matter! It’s a great listen. I’ve been snorting with laughter having to rewind to hear what I missed!”

    Blue Willow Bookshop image Jennifer, Blue Willow Bookshop
  11. A delightful, erudite, and immersive exploration of the crossword puzzle and its fascinating history by a brilliant young writer

    Almost as soon as it appeared, the crossword puzzle had already become indispensable to our lives. Invented practically by accident in 1913, when a newspaper editor at the New York World was casting around for something... Read More »

  12. By Courtney Maum / Narrated by Courtney Maum

    Before and After the Book Deal

    “Even better than answering the questions a writer is afraid to ask, this book more importantly answers the questions a writer may not know to ask. Filled with anecdotal examples (both negative and positive), humor, and a lot of common sense advice, this book covers everything an aspiring writer might need to know, including how to deal with agents, editors, publishers, advances, social media, book tours, movie/TV rights, depression, failure, and, yes, even success.”

    East City Bookshop image Keith Glaeske, East City Bookshop
  13. By Anne Lamott / Narrated by Susan Bennett

    For a quarter century, more than a million readers—scribes and scribblers of all ages and abilities—have been inspired by Anne Lamott’s hilarious, big-hearted, homespun advice. Advice that begins with the simple words of wisdom passed down from Anne’s father—also a writer—in the iconic passage that gives the book its title:
    “Thirty years ago... Read More »

  14. An essay collection exploring his education as a man, writer, and activist-and how we form our identities in life and in art.

    As a novelist, Alexander Chee has been described as "masterful" by Roxane Gay, "incendiary" by the New York Times, and "brilliant" by the Washington Post. With How to Write an Autobiographical Novel, his first collection... Read More »

  15. “One of the great reporters of our time and probably the greatest biographer.” —The Sunday Times (London)

    From the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Power Broker and The Years of Lyndon Johnson: an unprecedented gathering of vivid, candid, deeply moving recollections about his experiences researching and writing his acclaimed...
    Read More »

  16. In Other Words

    “Lahiri traces the origins, tribulations, and tiny victories that have fueled her decades-long courtship with the Italian language in a bilingual memoir that reads more like an intimate diary. The chapters and short stories offer a vivid timeline of Lahiri's turbulent relationship with language, bouncing around from English to Bengali during her childhood, immersing herself in the Italian culture by moving her family overseas, and finally attempting to write a book in a new voice. In Other Words is much more than an attempt -- at self-reflection and reinvention it's a mastery.”

    Carly Lenz image Carly Lenz, Boswell Book Company
  17. By Carmine Gallo / Narrated by Carmine Gallo

    Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas persuasively. This ability is the single greatest skill that will help you accomplish your dreams. Many people have a fear of public speaking or are insecure about their ability to give a successful presentation. Now public speaking... Read More »

  18. Now that you know the basics of Spanish, put your knowledge into practice with the unique stories and dialogue lessons offered in Spanish Level 2. Read a story about a couple in a restaurant and then practice ordering yourself a campechano, maybe a cerveza (o dos!) while you're at it. Or read a dialogue set in a store and then form your own... Read More »

  19. By Will Storr / Narrated by James Clamp

    How do master storytellers compel us? There have been many attempts to understand what makes a good story, but few have used a scientific approach. In The Science of Storytelling, Will Storr applies dazzling psychological research and cutting-edge neuroscience to our myths and archetypes to show how we can tell better stories, revealing, among... Read More »

  20. By Joanna Penn / Narrated by Joanna Penn

    Are you ready to take the next step in your author journey?Art for the sake of art is important. Writing for the love of it, or to create something beautiful on the page, is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression.But I’m not here to talk about creativity or the craft of writing in this book.My aim is to take the... Read More »

  21. “Do you want to write clearer, livelier prose? This witty primer will help.” The New York Times Book Review

    An exploration of how the most ordinary words can be turned into verbal constellations of extraordinary grace through the art of building sentences

    The sentence is the common ground where every writer walks. A good sentence can be written... Read More »

  22. Improv instructor and writer Jorjeana Marie presents the first book to harness the creative power of improvisation exercises to help both aspiring and seasoned authors defeat writer's block and generate new ideas. 

    Suffering from writer's block and inner critics? Having trouble generating ideas for plots, settings, and characters? Introducing the... Read More »

  23. Earworms MBT is a revolutionary accelerated technique that takes the hard work out of learning a new language. By repeatedly listening to melodies specially composed with rhythmic repetitions of Spanish and English, you will pick up essential words and phrases that will not only be on the tip of your tongue but burned deeply into your long-term... Read More »

  24. Every time we open our mouths, we have an effect on ourselves and the way others perceive us. The ability to speak clearly and confidently can make or break a presentation, an important meeting, or even a first date.

    Now, with the advent of Skype, YouTube, podcasting, Vine, and any number of reality talent competitions, your vocal presence has... Read More »

  25. Find your voice, speak your truth, listen deeply—a guide to more meaningful and mindful conversations.

    We spend so much of our lives talking to each other, but how much are we simply running on automatic—relying on old habits and hoping for the best? Are we able to truly hear others and speak our mind in a clear and kind way, without needing to... Read More »

  26. A brash, enlightening, and wildly entertaining feminist look at gendered language and the way it shapes us, written with humor and playfulness that challenges words and phrases and how we use them.

    “I get so jazzed about the future of feminism knowing that Amanda Montell’s brilliance is rising up and about to explode worldwide.”—Jill Soloway

    The... Read More »

  27. Behind the Wheel Spanish Level 1 covers beginning to intermediate level Spanish, providing a flexible, solid and universal foundation in speaking, understanding, and creatively expressing yourself in Spanish. The program features an English speaking instructor to guide you through the lessons and two native Latin American Spanish speakers to aid... Read More »

    If you have trouble finding time to fit in language lessons, All-Audio Spanish is the perfect solution. Developed by the experts at Living Language®, this program is designed for people on the move. You can learn Spanish as you drive, work around the house, or exercise at the gym.

    SHORT, EASY-TO-FOLLOW... Read More »

    If you have trouble finding time to fit in language lessons, All-Audio French is the perfect solution. Developed by the experts at Living Language®, this program is designed for people on the move. You can learn French as you drive, work around the house, or exercise at the gym.

    SHORT, EASY-TO-FOLLOW... Read More »

  30. Learn Spanish while running errands, commuting or even while working out! This Spanish language course is easy and convenient in an all-audio format.

    Drive Time Spanish is the easiest way to learn Spanish vocabulary, to learn Spanish grammar, to learn Spanish pronunciation, conversation and even Spanish culture — all without a book. The experts... Read More »

  31. Learn how to study Spanish! Imagine if you could instantly build your foreign language skills and have fun at the same time—now you can.

    The Spanish in Minutes Instant Language series takes a fun, entertaining, and scientific approach to learning Spanish. With the award-winning Liv Montgomery as your verbal tour guide, you’ll learn how to study... Read More »

  32. By Lisa Cron / Narrated by Wendy Tremont King

    Imagine knowing what the brain craves from every tale it encounters, what fuels the success of any great story, and what keeps readers transfixed. Wired for Story reveals these cognitive secrets—and it's a game-changer for anyone who has ever set pen to paper. The vast majority of writing advice focuses on "writing well" as if it were the same... Read More »

  33. Behind the Wheel Express French covers beginning to intermediate level French, providing a flexible, solid and universal foundation in speaking, understanding, and creatively expressing yourself in French. The program features an English speaking instructor to guide you through the lessons and native speakers to aid with your pronunciation.

    This... Read More »

  34. “Writing is a craft you can learn,” says Roy Peter Clark. “You need tools, not rules.” In this essential guide, Clark distills decades of experience into fifty tools that writers of all kinds can use every day. You may be crafting a newspaper story or an admissions essay for college. You may be writing a technical report or drafting your first... Read More »

  35. "It's a genuine pleasure to hear spoken Latin--lots of it, and by many of the great classical authors, including Cicero, Ovid, and Virgil--and to follow the story of Gardini's lifelong infatuation with a language that is nowhere and everywhere in our modern lives... This is an audiobook to appreciate on many levels, most of all, to hear the... Read More »

  36. Ultimate Getting Started with French

    The easiest way to speak French in minutes!

    Grasp the language, culture, and customs in just minutes more with the Ultimate Getting Started with French, the easiest way to learn French!

    The Ultimate Getting Started with French will have you speaking with proper pronunciation from the very first lesson and arm... Read More »

  37. These have been called the most famous and beloved letters of the past century. Rainer Maria Rilke himself said that much of his creative expression went into his correspondence, and here he touches upon a wide range of subjects that will interest writers, artists, and thinkers. This luminous translation of Rainer Maria Rilke's classic offers... Read More »

  38. With dazzling wit and astonishing insight, Bill Bryson—the acclaimed author of The Lost Continent—brilliantly explores the remarkable history, eccentricities, resilience and sheer fun of the English language. From the first descent of the larynx into the throat (why you can talk but your dog can't), to the fine lost art of swearing, Bryson tells... Read More »

  39. By Lingo Jump / Narrated by Lingo Jump

    "Let’s Talk

    We will have you speaking Italian in no time! Lingo Jump's parallel audio language learning system makes it easy to learn languages at your leisure. Whether you're relaxing or on the go, our simple, clear, and fun audio lessons help you learn through imitation of our speakers.

    Immerse yourself in a new language with confidence—we're... Read More »

  40. By Ryan Holiday / Narrated by Ryan Holiday

    The book that Inc. says "every entrepreneur should read" and an FT Book of the Month selection...

    How did the movie The Shawshank Redemption fail at the box office but go on to gross more than $100 million as a cult classic?

    How did The 48 Laws of Power miss the bestseller lists for more than a decade and still sell more than a million copies?

    How... Read More »

  41. “WE NEED TO TALK.”

    They are, perhaps, the most dreaded four words in the English language. But in her timely, insightful, and wonderfully practical audiobook, We Need to Talk, Celeste Headlee—who earns a living by talking on the airwaves of National Public Radio—makes the case that they are urgently needed.

    Today most of us communicate from behind... Read More »

  42. The classic works on the art of nonfiction writing are now in a complete package for your listening pleasure.

    This expanded CD collection presents William Zinsser's On Writing Well, the classic teaching book that has sold more than 1 million copies, together with a new 90-minute section that tells you how to write a memoir.

    Based on a course that... Read More »

  43. Behind the Wheel French Level 1 covers beginning to intermediate level French, providing a flexible, solid and universal foundation in speaking, understanding, and creatively expressing yourself in French. The program features an English speaking instructor to guide you through the lessons and a native French speaker to aid with your... Read More »

  44. Ultimate Getting Started with Italian

    The easiest way to speak Italian in minutes!

    Grasp the language, culture, and customs in just minutes more with the Ultimate Getting Started with Italian, the easiest way to learn Italian!

    The Ultimate Getting Started with Italian will have you speaking with proper pronunciation from the very first lesson and... Read More »

  45. By Patrick Haul / Narrated by Patrick Khatrao

    Learn German with Stories(Narrated by a native German speaker for an authentic and unique learning experience!)Learning a new language can be extremely difficult. Especially one that seems so challenging. With its complex grammar rules and strange sounds, it can discourage anyone willing to give the German language a try. On top of that, today’s... Read More »

  46. By Cecelia Watson / Narrated by Pam Ward

    A page-turning, existential romp through the life and times of the world’s most polarizing punctuation mark

    The semicolon. Stephen King, Hemingway, Vonnegut, and Orwell detest it. Herman Melville, Henry James, and Rebecca Solnit love it. But why? When is it effective? Have we been misusing it? Should we even care?

    In Semicolon, Cecelia Watson... Read More »

  47. Go from beginner to advanced in just 5 minutes a day!

    From Mexico City to Madrid, now you can join the conversation with confidence! Build a bilingual base with essential vocabulary and key phrases.


    Language experts agree that the best way to learn a new language is by surrounding yourself with native speakers. The... Read More »

  48. Cada palabra tiene su origen en una anécdota que sorprende por simple y desopilante.

    Daniel Balmaceda ha unido en este libro sus dos pasiones: la historia y la palabra. ¿De dónde surgieron términos como "abatatarse" o "boicotear"? ¿Por qué le decimos cubiertos a los utensilios que usamos para comer? ¿Por qué conocemos como jacuzzis a las... Read More »

  49. "A straightforward, friendly guide for aspiring writers" (Los Angeles Times): No more excuses. With award-winning author Walter Mosley as your guide, you can write a novel now.

    "Let the lawn get shaggy and the paint peel from the walls," bestselling novelist Walter Mosley advises. In this invaluable book of tips, practical advice, and wisdom,... Read More »

  50. <h2>Learn Spanish by Reading This Short Stories<h2>

    Sara is a teenage girl who awakens to find herself trapped on an emerging revolution, now she must choose between love and war.

    GENRE: Adventure romance and Post-Apocalyptic short story you will surely enjoy. Mi Nombre es Sara G y Sobrevivi.

    Now you can Learn Spanish with short... Read More »

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