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Classics bestsellers

The top 50 Classics audiobooks on based on sales from our 1,300+ partner bookstore locations.

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Bestseller #1

A Thousand Ships

A Novel

By Natalie Haynes
Narrated by: Natalie Haynes
Length: 8 hours 33 minutes

A Thousand Ships

“A retelling of the Trojan War where the women are as heroic (if not more so) than the men. I especially liked Penelope’s arc, told through letters to her wayward and philandering husband. Having the author read the audiobook was 100% the right choice. ”

Bards Alley image Leah, Bards Alley
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Bestseller #2

Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand & Leonard Peikoff
Narrated by: Scott Brick
Length: 62 hours 59 minutes

Atlas Shrugged is the “second most influential book for Americans today” after the Bible, according to a joint survey of five thousand people conducted by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club in 1991.

In a scrap heap within an abandoned factory, the greatest invention in history lies dormant and unused. By what fatal error of... Read more »

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Bestseller #3


The Greek Myths Reimagined

By Stephen Fry
Narrated by: Stephen Fry
Length: 15 hours 1 minutes

In this sequel to the bestselling Mythos, legendary author and actor Stephen Fry moves from the exploits of the Olympian gods to the deeds of mortal heroes.

Perseus. Jason. Atalanta. Theseus. Heracles. Rediscover the thrills, grandeur, and unabashed fun of the Greek myths. Whether recounting a tender love affair or a heroic triumph, Fry deftly... Read more »

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Bestseller #4


By Daphne du Maurier
Narrated by: Anna Massey
Length: 14 hours 48 minutes

The classic Gothic suspense novel by Daphne du Maurier -- winner of the Anthony Award for Best Novel of the Century -- is now a Netflix film starring Lily James and Armie Hammer. 

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again . . .

The novel begins in Monte Carlo, where our heroine is swept off her feet by the dashing widower Maxim de Winter and... Read more »

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Bestseller #5


By George Orwell
Narrated by: Simon Prebble
Length: 11 hours 23 minutes

Blackstone Audio presents a new recording of this immensely popular book.

George Orwell depicts a gray, totalitarian world dominated by Big Brother and its vast network of agents, including the Thought Police, a world in which news is manufactured according to the authorities’ will and people live tepid lives by rote.

Winston Smith, the hero with... Read more »

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Bestseller #6

East of Eden

Penguin Audio Classics

By John Steinbeck
Narrated by: Richard Poe
Length: 25 hours 18 minutes

The masterpiece of Steinbeck’s later years, East of Eden is a sprawling epic in which Steinbeck created his most mesmerizing characters and explored his most enduring themes: the mystery of identity, the inexplicability of love, and the murderous consequences of love’s absence. Read more »

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Bestseller #7

The Odyssey

Penguin Audio Classics

By Homer
Narrated by: Ian McKellen
Length: 13 hours 2 minutes

The Odyssey is literature's grandest evocation of every man's journey through life. In the myths and legends that are retold here, the energy and poetry of Homer's original is captured in a bold, contemporary idiom, giving us an edition of The Odyssey that is a joy to listen to, worth savoring treasuring for its sheer lyrical mastery. This... Read more »

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Bestseller #8

The Remains of the Day

By Kazuo Ishiguro
Narrated by: Nicholas Guy Smith
Length: 9 hours 23 minutes

From the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, here is the universally acclaimed novel—winner of the Booker Prize and the basis for an award-winning film.
This is Kazuo Ishiguro's profoundly compelling portrait of Stevens, the perfect butler, and of his fading, insular world in post-World War II England. Stevens, at the end of three... Read more »

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Social Purpose Annual Report

Social Purpose Annual Report

As we look to the future as a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re committed to serving readers and independent bookstores. Read our 2020 Annual Report to see an overview of the year.

Read the Report
Bestseller #9

Mansfield Park

By Jane Austen
Narrated by: Karen Savage
Length: 14 hours 15 minutes

Mansfield Park is the third published novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1814.

The novel tells the story of Fanny Price, starting when her overburdened family sends her at age ten to live in the household of her wealthy aunt and uncle and following her development into early adulthood. From early on critical interpretation has been diverse,... Read more »

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Bestseller #10

War and Peace

By Leo Tolstoy & Constance Garnett
Narrated by: Frederick Davidson
Length: 61 hours 3 minutes

Often called the greatest novel ever written, War and Peace is at once a historical war epic, a philosophical study, and a celebration of the Russian spirit. Noted for its mastery of realistic detail and psychological analysis, it follows the metamorphosis of five aristocratic families against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Individual... Read more »

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Bestseller #11

Brave New World

By Aldous Huxley
Narrated by: Michael York
Length: 7 hours 59 minutes

Originally published in 1932, this outstanding work of literature is more crucial and relevant today than ever before. Cloning, feel-good drugs, antiaging programs, and total social control through politics, programming, and media—has Aldous Huxley accurately predicted our future? With a storyteller’s genius, he weaves these ethical... Read more »

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Bestseller #12

Little Women

Little Women: Book #1

By Louisa May Alcott
Narrated by: Barbara Caruso
Length: 19 hours 38 minutes

Little Women is one of the best loved books of all time. Lovely Meg, talented Jo, frail Beth, spoiled Amy: these are hard lessons of poverty and of growing up in New England during the Civil War. Through their dreams, plays, pranks, letters, illnesses, and courtships, women of all ages have become a part of this remarkable family and have felt... Read more »

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Bestseller #13

Angle of Repose

Modern Classic

By Wallace Stegner
Narrated by: Mark Bramhall
Length: 22 hours 10 minutes

Wallace Stegner’s uniquely American classic centers on Lyman Ward, a noted historian, who relates a fictionalized biography of his pioneer grandparents at a time when he has become estranged from his own family. Through a combination of research, memory, and exaggeration, Ward voices ideas concerning the relationship between history and the... Read more »

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Bestseller #14

Double Indemnity

By James Cain
Narrated by: James Naughton
Length: 3 hours 17 minutes

Tautly narrated and excruciatingly suspenseful, Double Indemnity gives us an X-ray view of guilt, of duplicity, and of the kind of obsessive, loveless love that devastates everything it touches. First published in 1936, this novel reaffirmed James M. Cain as a virtuoso of the roman noir.

Performed by James Naughton Read more »

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Bestseller #15


By James Joyce
Narrated by: Donal Donnelly & Miriam Healy-Louie
Length: 27 hours 15 minutes

The young poet Stephen has been recalled from Paris to Dublin to be at his mother's deathbed. But he refuses her dying wishes: to kneel and pray for her. Now, holed up in his Martello tower outside the city walls, he has to suffer the taunts of Buck Mulligan by day and, by night, the vision of 'her eyes, shaking out of death to shake and bend my... Read more »

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Bestseller #16

Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand
Narrated by: Christopher Hurt
Length: 52 hours 20 minutes

Atlas Shrugged is the “second most influential book for Americans today” after the Bible, according to a joint survey of five thousand people conducted by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club in 1991.

In a scrap heap within an abandoned factory, the greatest invention in history lies dormant and unused. By what fatal error of... Read more »

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Bestseller #17

Jane Eyre

By Charlotte Brontë
Narrated by: Elizabeth Klett
Length: 18 hours 23 minutes

Charlotte Brontë’s most beloved novel describes the passionate love between the courageous orphan Jane Eyre and the brilliant, brooding, and domineering Rochester. The loneliness and cruelty of Jane’s childhood strengthens her natural independence and spirit, which prove invaluable when she takes a position as a governess at Thornfield Hall.... Read more »

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Bestseller #18

The Baron in the Trees

By Italo Calvino & Ana Goldstein
Narrated by: Jefferson Mays
Length: 8 hours 47 minutes

A landmark new translation of a Calvino classic, a whimsical, spirited novel that imagines a life lived entirely on its own terms Cosimo di Rondo, a young Italian nobleman of the eighteenth century, rebels against his parents by climbing into the trees and remaining there for the rest of his life. He adapts efficiently to an existence in the... Read more »

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Bestseller #19

The Remains of the Day

By Kazuo Ishiguro
Narrated by: Dominic West
Length: 7 hours 4 minutes

Kazuo Ishiguro's Booker Prize-winning masterpiece became an international bestseller on publication, was adapted into an award-winning film, and has since come to be regarded as a modern classic.
The Remains of the Day is a spellbinding portrayal of a vanished way of life and a haunting meditation on the high cost of duty. It is also one of the... Read more »

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Bestseller #20

Mrs. Dalloway

By Virginia Woolf
Narrated by: Lucy Rayner
Length: 8 hours 2 minutes

Considered to be one of Virginia Woolf's most popular novels, Mrs. Dalloway follows one high-society woman as she goes about her day planning a splendid party for her acquaintances. As she goes about her day, she ponders on the life she could be living had she not married the reliable Richard Dalloway, and instead sought the enigmatic Peter... Read more »

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Bestseller #21

Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Abridged

By Edgar Allan Poe
Narrated by: Michael Ward
Length: 4 hours 45 minutes

Opening with the poem that made Poe a household name overnight, this collection of his short works includes the narrative poem "The Raven", the short story "The Fall of the House of Usher", and the first of Poe's "ratiocination" tales: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", featuring the first of the fictional detectives: C. Auguste Dupin. From there... Read more »

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Bestseller #22

Henderson the Rain King

By Saul Bellow
Narrated by: Joe Barrett
Length: 14 hours 24 minutes

Saul Bellow evokes all the rich colors and exotic customs of a highly imaginary Africa in this acclaimed comic novel about a middle-aged American millionaire who, seeking a new, more rewarding life, descends upon an African tribe. Henderson's awesome feats of strength and his unbridled passion for life win him the admiration of the tribe-but it... Read more »

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Bestseller #23

B. J. Harrison Reads Ivanhoe

The Classic Tales with B. J. Harrison

By Sir Walter Scott
Narrated by: B. J. Harrison
Length: 20 hours 30 minutes

"Ivanhoe" is a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott, part of the Waverley series. The action takes place during the 12th century in England, and the themes revolve mainly around chivalric romances, tournaments, trials, and religious clashes. It is the story of Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe who is disinherited by his father for supporting the Norman... Read more »

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Bestseller #24

Imprisoned with the Pharaohs

By H. P. Lovecraft & Harry Houdini
Narrated by: Cathy Dobson
Length: 1 hours 12 minutes

Harry Houdini's greatest escape ever. While visiting Cairo as a tourist, Houdini and his wife are shown around the pyramids by a mysterious and slightly sinister guide who has a strange hollow voice and looks like an old pharaoh.

What starts as a strange traveller's adventure to witness a duel at midnight on the summit of one of the pyramids,... Read more »

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Bestseller #25

Beowulf: A New Translation

A New Translation

By Maria Dahvana Headley
Narrated by: JD Jackson & Maria Dahvana Headley
Length: 4 hours 8 minutes

"Narrator JD Jackson addresses his listener as "bro" in this decidedly contemporary retelling of the classic saga...His brilliant performance captures all the artistry, wit, and immediacy of this fresh translation, and breathes new life into what for most has been a literary fossil." -- AudioFile Magazine, Earphones Award winner

A new,... Read more »

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Bestseller #26

Jane Austen Collection: The Complete Novels (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion...)

Pandora's Classics

By Jane Austen
Narrated by: Karen Savage & Elizabeth Klett
Length: 69 hours 28 minutes

This audiobook contains the complete novels of Jane Austen in the chronological order of their original publication. - Lady Susan (starts at Chapter 1) - Sense and Sensibility (starts at Chapter 44) - Pride and Prejudice (starts at Chapter 96) - Mansfield Park (starts at Chapter 159) - Emma (starts at Chapter 209) - Persuasion (starts at... Read more »

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Bestseller #27

To Kill a Mockingbird

By Harper Lee
Narrated by: Sissy Spacek
Length: 12 hours 17 minutes

Voted America's Best-Loved Novel in PBS's The Great American Read

Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterwork of honor and injustice in the deep South—and the heroism of one man in the face of blind and violent hatred

One of the most cherished stories of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird has been translated into more than forty languages, sold... Read more »

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Bestseller #28


By Nella Larsen
Narrated by: Robin Miles
Length: 4 hours 5 minutes

First published in 1929, Passing is a remarkable exploration of the shifting racial and sexual boundaries in America. Larsen, a premier writer of the Harlem Renaissance, captures the rewards and dangers faced by two negro women who pass for white in a deeply segregated world. Read more »

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Bestseller #29

Go Tell It on the Mountain

By James Baldwin
Narrated by: Adam Lazarre-White
Length: 8 hours 44 minutes

James Baldwin’s stunning first novel is now an American classic. With startling realism that brings Harlem and the black experience vividly to life, this is a work that touches the heart with emotion while it stimulates the mind with its narrative style, symbolism, and excoriating vision of racism in America. Moving through time from the rural... Read more »

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Bestseller #30

The Hobbit

By J.R.R. Tolkien
Narrated by: Ensemble cast
Length: 4 hours 13 minutes

The original American full dramatization as broadcast on National Public Radio.

Bilbo Baggins, a gentle hobbit who loves the comforts of home, reluctantly joins a company of dwarves on a journey to recover plundered gold from a fierce dragon. It's a tale of high adventure and astonishing courage—and a magical prelude to the Lord of the Rings... Read more »

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Bestseller #31

Les Miserables

By Victor Hugo
Narrated by: George Guidall
Length: 60 hours 27 minutes

One of the great classics of world literature and the inspiration for the most beloved stage musical of all time, Les MisErables is legendary author Victor Hugo's masterpiece. This extraordinary English version by renowned translator Julie Rose captures all the majesty and brilliance of Hugo's work. Here is the timeless story of the... Read more »

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Bestseller #32

The Waves

By Virginia Woolf
Narrated by: Julia Franklin
Length: 9 hours 3 minutes

Six children - Bernard, Susan, Rhoda, Neville, Jinny and Louis - meet in a garden close to the sea, their voices sounding over the constant echo of the waves that roll back and forth from the shore. The book follows them as they develop from childhood to maturity and follow different passions and ambitions; their voices are interspersed with... Read more »

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Bestseller #33


or The Modern Prometheus

By Mary Shelley
Narrated by: Anthony Heald, Stefan Rudnicki & Simon Templeman
Length: 8 hours 42 minutes

This special unabridged, multivoiced production of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece of nineteenth-century Gothic horror is narrated by film and television star Anthony Heald, joined by Grammy winner Stefan Rudnicki and actor Simon Templeman, under the direction of award-winning audio producer Yuri Rasovsky.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein, an ambitious young... Read more »

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Bestseller #34

The Grapes of Wrath

Penguin Audio Classics

By John Steinbeck & Robert DeMott
Narrated by: Dylan Baker
Length: 21 hours

John Steinbeck's powerful evocation of the suffering and hardship caused by the Great Depression, and a panoramic vision of the struggle for the American Dream, The Grapes of Wrath includes a critical introduction by Robert DeMott in Penguin Modern Classics. 'I've done my damndest to rip a reader's nerves to rags, I don't want him satisfied.'... Read more »

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Bestseller #35

Don Quixote

Translated by Edith Grossman
Default Blank

By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Narrated by: George Guidall
Length: 39 hours 40 minutes

Don Quixote is the classic story. Called the first modern novel, this marvelous book has stood the test of time to become irrevocably intertwined with the fabric of society. Sixteenth-century Spanish gentleman Don Quixote, fed by his own delusional fantasies, takes to the road in search of chivalrous adventures. But his quest leads to more... Read more »

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Bestseller #36

If Beale Street Could Talk

A Novel

By James Baldwin
Narrated by: Bahni Turpin
Length: 7 hours 7 minutes

In this honest and stunning novel, James Baldwin has given America a moving story of love in the face of injustice. Told through the eyes of Tish, a nineteen-year-old girl in love with Fonny, a young sculptor who is the father of her child, Baldwin’s story mixes the sweet and the sad.Tish and Fonny have pledged to get married, but Fonny is... Read more »

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Bestseller #37

The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Narrated by: Sean Astin
Length: 5 hours 30 minutes

The year is 1922, and young Nick Carraway moves to the village of West Egg, where he discovers that his neighbor is the eclectic millionaire Jay Gatsby. As he and Gatsby become acquainted, Nick is thrown into a world full of dazzling parties, unrequited love, and unchecked idealism. Gatsby, surrounded by riches, yearns for the love of a woman... Read more »

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Bestseller #38


The Greek Myths Reimagined

By Stephen Fry
Length: TBA

In this brilliant conclusion to his bestselling Mythos trilogy, legendary author and actor Stephen Fry retells the tale of the Trojan War.

Full of tragic heroes, intoxicating love stories, and the unstoppable force of fate, there is no conflict more iconic than the Trojan War. Troy is the story of the epic battle retold by Fry with drama, humor,... Read more »

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Bestseller #39

Giovanni’s Room

By James Baldwin
Narrated by: Dan Butler
Length: 6 hours 49 minutes

Set in the 1950s Paris of American expatriates, liaisons, and violence, a young man finds himself caught between desire and conventional morality.

With a sharp, probing imagination, James Baldwin’s now-classic narrative delves into the mystery of loving and creates a moving, highly controversial story of death and passion that reveals the... Read more »

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Bestseller #40


By Daphne du Maurier
Narrated by: Anna Massey
Length: 14 hours 48 minutes

Rebecca: Booktrack Edition adds an immersive musical soundtrack to your audiobook listening experience! *
Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again . . .

The novel begins in Monte Carlo, where our heroine is swept off her feet by the dashing widower Maxim de Winter and his sudden proposal of marriage. Orphaned and working as a lady's maid,... Read more »

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Bestseller #41

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen
Narrated by: Carolyn Seymour
Length: 11 hours 28 minutes

The provincial Bennet family, home to five unmarried daughters, is turned upside down when a wealthy bachelor takes up a house nearby. Mr. Bingley enhances his instant popularity by hosting a ball and taking an interest in the eldest Bennet daughter, Jane. Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy, Bingley’s even wealthier friend, makes himself equally unpopular by... Read more »

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Bestseller #42

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

50th Anniversary Edition
Penguin Audio Classics

By Ken Kesey & Robert Faggen
Narrated by: John C. Reilly
Length: 10 hours 31 minutes

A fiftieth-anniversary edition of Ken Kesey's searing American classic.

Boisterous, ribald, and ultimately shattering, Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest has left an indelible mark on the literature of our time. Turning conventional notions of sanity and insanity on their heads, the novel tells the unforgettable story of a mental... Read more »

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Bestseller #43

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

By Shirley Jackson
Narrated by: Bernadette Dunne
Length: 5 hours 32 minutes

Shirley Jackson’s deliciously unsettling novel about a perverse, isolated, and possibly murderous family takes readers deep into a labyrinth of dark neurosis, macabre humor, and gothic atmosphere.

Six years after four family members died suspiciously of arsenic poisoning, the three remaining Blackwoods—elder, agoraphobic sister Constance;... Read more »

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Bestseller #44

The Power and the Glory

By Graham Greene
Narrated by: Bernard Mayes
Length: 9 hours 1 minutes

In a poor, remote section of southern Mexico, the Red Shirts have taken control. God has been outlawed, and the priests have been systematically hunted down and killed. Now, the last priest strives to overcome physical and moral cowardice in order to find redemption.

Graham Greene explores corruption and atonement in this penetrating novel set in... Read more »

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Bestseller #45

B. J. Harrison Reads Frankenstein

The Classic Tales with B. J. Harrison

By Mary Shelley
Narrated by: B. J. Harrison
Length: 8 hours 18 minutes

Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist who artificially creates a human being. His expectations are however far from reality as is Creation is so monstrous that it cannot fit into human society. This leads to dreadful consequences as the monster decides to take it revenge his creator. Will Frankenstein manage to control his creature or will he... Read more »

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Bestseller #46

B. J. Harrison Reads The Count of Monte Cristo

The Classic Tales with B. J. Harrison

By Alexandre Dumas
Narrated by: - & B. J. Harrison
Length: 52 hours 40 minutes

Edmond Dantes is falsely accused of treason on the day of his marriage. He is directly imprisoned in the fortress of If without any investigations being conducted. Edmond does not give up and he is determined to find his way out. The endpoint is the Isle of Monte Cristo which hides a great fortune. Will Dantes free himself from the imprisonment?... Read more »

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Bestseller #47

The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Narrated by: Tim Robbins
Length: 5 hours 3 minutes

An undisputed masterpiece of twentieth-century literature, perfect for Fitzgerald lovers and classics collectors alike.

Set against a backdrop of jazz music, bootlegging, and lavish parties, The Great Gatsby is the story of Midwesterner Nick Carraway’s curious introduction to the decadent world of his mysterious, wealthy neighbor Jay Gatsby,... Read more »

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Bestseller #48

Native Son

By Richard Wright
Narrated by: Peter Francis James
Length: 17 hours 45 minutes

Now an HBO Film!

“If one had to identify the single most influential shaping force in modern Black literary history, one would probably have to point to Wright and the publication of Native Son.” – Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Right from the start, Bigger Thomas had been headed for jail. It could have been for assault or petty larceny; by chance, it was... Read more »

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Bestseller #49

The Tale of Genji, Volume 1

By Murasaki Shikibu & Dennis Washburn
Narrated by: Brian Nishii
Length: 35 hours 34 minutes

Murasaki Shikibu, born into the middle ranks of the aristocracy during the Heian period (794–1185 CE), wrote The Tale of Genji―widely considered the world’s first novel―during the early years of the eleventh century. Expansive, compelling, and sophisticated in its representation of ethical concerns and aesthetic ideals, Murasaki’s tale came to... Read more »

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Bestseller #50

The Possessed

By Fyodor Dostoevsky & Constance Garnett
Narrated by: John Lescault
Length: 29 hours 18 minutes

Loosely based on sensational press reports of a Moscow student’s murder by fellow revolutionists, The Possessed depicts the destructive chaos caused by outside agitators who move into a provincial town. The enigmatic and ideological Stavrogin dominates the novel, his magnetic personality influencing his tutor, the liberal intellectual poseur... Read more »

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